Summer Literacy Activities That Are Perfect for ESY

Summer is here! And while for many that means vacation, there are still students who are in for ESY.

There’s so much excitement and learning to be had from June through August, and we can’t wait to help you create your best summer lessons yet!

Let’s make those summer months enticing and extend the learning with these exciting literacy resources!

Summer Adapted Readers

Literacy isn’t just for the school year, nor should it be reserved only for the classroom. 

The interactive June Adapted Book Bundle lets students learn about sea turtles, summer, camping, and more. These are great for small group time but can also be sent home for use. See! We told you reading isn’t just for the classroom. Adapted Readers can be printed and laminated OR delivered digitally via Google Slides. If you want to learn more about using adapted readers, visit this blog post

What’s even better is that the digital version provides multiple opportunities to respond correctly! Check out the demo video below!

If you love Adapted Readers as much as we do and want to keep the fun going all summer long, grab the July Bundle or the August Set.

Summer Adapted Piece Book Sets

Adapted Piece Book Sets are also a great way to spice up summer literacy in the classroom and are different from Adapted Readers. With Adapted Piece Book Sets, you get to take fan-favorite children’s books and bring them to life. Then, with interactive pieces and a touch of teacher magic, students have the hands-on chance to follow along with stories they may already know. 

The June and July Adapted Piece Book Set features everything you need (except the books) to transform themed stories such as The Pout-Pout Fish, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?, Froggy Learns to Swim, and There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell.

Summer Book Companions

We want to make your ESY planning as straightforward as possible so you can spend your time enjoying your students instead of worrying about what’s going to come next. That’s where book companion sets come in! So open your arms and give these resources a warm welcome because they will save you a ton of time and planning energy. 

The book companion set for There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell ties the Adapted Piece Book Set together nicely- and easily! Inside are FOUR activities based on comprehension and sequencing. And yes, there’s even a craftivity! Isn’t she the cutest?

The book companion set for 1,2,3 Make a S’more with Me by Elizabeth Gautier is more than just writing prompts and literacy activities. This bundle even includes a visual recipe for S’mores! While we can’t exactly have a campfire in the classroom, the microwaved version is just as good and makes for an engaging summertime activity. There’s also a plan for STEM marshmallow building and a S’mores craft. Your students will be begging you for S’more of these fun lessons! 

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The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli is the myth-busting story of what really happens when you swallow a watermelon seed. Spoiler alert: vines don’t actually sprout from your ears. The Watermelon Seed Book Companion will spark student excitement with a writing activity, craftivity, and more themed skill-based downloads. Whip up the Watermelon Slush visual recipe for a sweet summer treat your students will love!

Summer Illustrated Writing Prompts

Let’s chat about writing prompts and how to implement them in the summer! Writing is a crucial part of literacy and education as a whole, but it’s not always a favorite. Illustrated writing prompts are designed with various learning styles in mind, so every student feels successful. Print the prompts on stickers and slap them in their journals, project the prompts onto the whiteboard, print them out as cards, or download them digitally for interactive excitement on Google Slides! There’s something for everyone! 

In the June and July Illustrated Writing Prompt download, students can get creative writing about National Fishing Week, International Joke Day, The Anniversary of Disneyland, or even the E.T. Premier. Hands up if you love that movie, too. I wasn’t exaggerating when I said these prompts were creative. 

If ESY is on your calendar for August as well, there’s a prompt download just for that!

Summer Digital Literacy Activities

Let’s face it. Technology is here to stay, and is a fantastic learning tool when used efficiently. These digital resources were originally made with distance learning in mind, but it turns out students love using them in the classroom also! 

Practice retelling skills with the Summer Retelling Digital Activity. This one focuses on wh- questions, which is a critical comprehension and language skill. This paperless work is ideal for center time or free time!

STEM activities are always a hit, especially during ESY! Students can get messy with this Ocean Slime STEM Digital Activity. It’s the digital version of the classic Visual Recipes and walks students through the slime process step-by-step. Please note, you might want to make this one a supervised center! And you may be wondering. . . what makes this center literacy-based? Well, it includes comprehension questions!

Do you teach ESY? If so, how do you keep your students excited about literacy learning? Tell us in the comments!




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