10 Reasons to Use Adapted Books

Adapted books are a great addition to any classroom – whether it is a special needs classroom, in a neurodiverse classroom, in a homeschool classroom, or even a virtual classroom.

And today I want to keep it simple by sharing 10 reasons you should be using adapted books in your classroom.

If you aren’t sure what an adapted books is or need help with the prep process, this blog post will be your new best friend!

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Adapted books bring grade level text and topics to your students’ levels and keep them actively engaged in the story.

Adapted books in a bin ready for students to read.

Adapted books build language and vocabulary skills.

Adapted books give those with very limited verbal communication an opportunity to participate more in class and feel that sense of inclusion and accomplishment.

Errorless fly in the house adapted book.

Adapted books take learning into kinesthetic, build comprehension, vocabulary and key concepts, all while assessing student comprehension

Adapted books are quick and easy to pull out for a small group or whole group lesson to make learning interactive and engaging.

Fire prevention week adapted book printed in mini form to make a cut and paste activity.

Adapted books can be used to target cross-curricular skills because adapted books teach so much more than reading skills: cross-curricular topics (like math, science, history!), social skills, fine motor skills, reciprocity of language, and more!

how to build a snowman adapted book level 1 and level 2.

Adapted books help increase reading stamina, or the amount of time a student can focus and engage in text.

Adapted books motivate students to attend and participate in a lesson.

Making healthy food choices adapted book level 2.

Adapted books illustrate complex ideas, processes and situations in a simple and clear manner.

Adapted books provide opportunities to target multiple IEP goals or one specific IEP goal with just one adapted book.

Prepping holidays around the world adapted books.

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