The Night Before Summer Vacation ( Books Teachers Love )

June means summer. Summer means vacation… and there’s nothing better than summer vacation!

Except the waiting. and the packing. and the forgetting of stuff. usually lots of stuff.

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 I love reading The Night Before Summer Vacation with my students in June to remind them of all of the fun they’re about to have this summer.

We are coming up on summer vacation, which is super exciting, but even teacher-bloggers want to relax over summer! This month’s BTL will be the last post until we return in August, bigger and better than ever.

The book I chose this month was The Night Before Summer Vacation.

It is a super adorable book by Natasha Wing (illustrated by Julie Durrell) that is about the excitement of packing for summer vacation, and the fun of remembering past vacations.

{ You can purchase the book on Amazon here. }


First, we will talk about different places we want to go on vacation. I’ll probably use the projector to Google search for images of the places they name (i.e. the beach, Disney, Six Flags… you know, all of the normal places they love to go).

We can then transition that conversation in to a writing activity. Print pictures of the places they want to travel to, and have them write about it using the 5 W’s.

{ Grab the Summer Vacation Writing FREE here. }

Here’s a list of other ideas I will be creating and/or sending home with my students for their summer vacations:

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