15 Saint Patrick’s Day Children’s Books

Saint Patrick’s Day is March 17 and I have collected some books for St. Patrick’s Day about clovers, leprechauns, and all things green to read during your holiday celebrations!

There are some nonfiction books to use for educating your students on the holiday. There are also some fiction books that will make you laugh, smile, and have a little fun.

15 books about St. Patrick's Day traditions, leprechauns, and more


These books are for kindergarten through 3rd-grade, but truly – picture books can be used with any student!

Most would make great read-aloud books, but some lend themselves to independent reading or for educational projects. I love reading books with my students that are enjoyable and bring laughter into the classroom.

Here are some of my St. Patrick’s Day favorites:

Books for St. Patrick’s Day

  • How to Catch a Leprechaun is a funny book about some children trying to catch a leprechaun. Each page has a new trap idea for catching the leprechaun, but none are successful. This book lends itself so well to introduce a STEM challenge about building a leprechaun trap. My students loved doing this and it was great to see their excitement and imaginations!
  • Liam the Leprechaun Loves to Fart is a silly, rhyming book that will fill your classroom with giggles and laughter! Liam is full of gas and sometimes his friends don’t like to be around him. But sometimes it helps him save the day!
  • Pete the Cat: The Great Leprechaun Chase is a cute story about Pete and his friends trying to catch a leprechaun. It is proving to be more tricky than they thought. Will they catch one?
  • The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day is a story about 2 children that set a trap to catch a leprechaun. In the morning, they are delighted to discover that they have caught one, but will they be able to find his pot of gold?
  • There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover! is another funny story with the old lady swallowing things that shouldn’t be! Kids love these stories, and they are great for their repetition. Students can join in with the reading or make guesses about what she will eat next.
15 books about St. Patrick's Day traditions, leprechauns, and more

5 Books for St. Patrick’s Day

  • Ten Lucky Leprechauns is a cute counting book to practice counting from one to ten. One little leprechaun is looking for his treasure and it turns into ten leprechauns having a great time.
  • The Berenstain Bears’ St. Patrick’s Day is a book about Gramps sharing some St. Patrick’s Day traditions like parades, pots of gold, and leprechauns.
  • Pout-Pout Fish: Lucky Leprechaun is a book for young children about St. Patrick’s Day. Mr. Fish and his friends are on a hunt for their pot of gold. Will they find one?
  • Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is a nonfiction book that teaches children about the history of St. Patrick’s Day. It also shares traditions and customs that go along with this holiday.
  • Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland is a nonfiction book about the Irish saint. It shares information about this person and the belief in this saint.
15 books about St. Patrick's Day traditions, leprechauns, and more

5 More Books for St. Patrick’s Day

  • St. Patrick’s Day is written by Gail Gibbons. She does a wonderful job at creating nonfiction books for children. She uses simple vocabulary but shares so much information about St. Patrick’s Day.
  • The 12 Days of St. Patrick’s Day is a fun book that shares about St. Patrick’s Day. It, also, incorporates counting and searching for traditional things.
  • That’s What Leprechauns Do is a silly book about things that leprechauns do when they are out. They went to bury their pot of gold but had a little fun on the way.
  • Jaime O’Rourke and the Big Potato is an old Irish folktale. He is the laziest man in Ireland and won’t help his wife on their farm. After, he comes in contact with a leprechaun he grows the largest potato!
  • Would You Rather? St. Patrick’s Day Edition is a fun book to use for some interactive St. Patrick’s Day fun. Ask simple would you rather questions like “Would you rather your family’s dishes all be green or your family’s clothes?”
15 books about St. Patrick's Day traditions, leprechauns, and more

Do you have any great books for St. Patrick’s Day that you read in your classroom? Please drop a comment below with the titles for us to add to our classroom library!

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