March Lesson Plans (That Aren’t About St. Patty’s Day)

Spring has (almost) sprung! Are you planning for the spring months yet?

Spring around the corner means more time outside to enjoy the warm air and soak up some much-needed Vitamin D. 

While you’re waiting for the first flowers to bloom, try these March activities in your classroom! 

March Literacy Lessons

Adapted books are a fantastic way to get students excited about reading. They help little learners engage with the text using manipulative pieces that are perfect for tactile kiddos! These March Themed Adapted Readers cover nine springy topics such as animal life cycles, holiday history, and of course, the beloved Dr. Seuss. Green Eggs and Ham, anyone?! If you simply can’t get enough of these adapted readers, you can reach for even more with the March Mini Adapted Book Bundle.

Fluency is vital in the elementary world. March Adapted Book Piece sets are the perfect way to model it and make storytime exhilarating for students who are not typically big fans. Students can follow along with the story and answer comprehension questions without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated with the hands-on pieces. I know some teachers love to exaggerate while reading, and these book sets make it SO fun to do that! To learn more about how to adapt children’s books, read the blog post here.

The March Digital Writing Prompts will be a hit when center time rolls around! Students can choose from 44 different images and ideas to express themselves through the power of creative writing and illustration. These writing prompts are paperless, attracting tech-inclined kids and making this skill practice more appealing. So watch their imaginations unfold as they write and draw about Johnny Appleseed, their own Easter Egg, and even their favorite book! Hey- they might even write about one of the stories you read from the Adapted Piece Book Set! 

Here’s a real-time example of our digital writing prompts!

March Math Lessons

What better way to celebrate the incoming of spring than with the Digital Raindrop Shape Centers?! Students click the speaker to listen to the prompt and then drag & drop the shape. These are great for center time but are also handy if you need to return to distance learning. Or, say “hello” to your next favorite fast finisher activity!

If you have digital resource fans in your class, try the Digital Spring Counting Slide Decks. Students can navigate twenty-five slides while practicing and fine-tuning their basic counting skills. Cheers to March Math! If you’re new here, all of the digital resources require Google Slides. 

If you love the activities from above, keep the Google fun going with the  Spring Digital Activity Bundle. Practice number sense, shapes, Spring Shopping, and more! This bundle of value and joy also includes literacy and life skills activities! For more details, go check out the link here.

March Life Skill Lessons

Life skills are crucial to little learners, and we like to make learning about them fun. After all, the only way to get better at them is through consistent exposure and practice, practice, practice! 

These March Visual Recipes put those life skills to work and turn your students into classroom chefs. There’s something for everybody’s taste with recipes for Veggie Bowls, S’Mores Mix, Fruit Cake Mix, and more! But visual recipes aren’t ALL about cooking in the kitchen. The packs also include sequencing mats, comprehension questions, and a recipe survey. So don’t fret- I’m sure all of the students will give the recipes a five-star rating. 

Take the cooking fun one step further with these Kitchen Utensils Identification Cards.

March Lesson Plan Packs and Binders

If you’re looking for done-for-you lesson plans and printables, this March Lesson Plan Pack is going to be the answer to your dreams. If you’re an early planner and your March schedule is filled to the brim, this Lesson Plan Pack is a substitute’s lifesaver. Inside are activities like The Lifecycle of a Clover Flapbook, Rainbow Trail Science Experiment, and the Rainbow Fish Book Companion.

Help students grasp the concept of seasonal weather with the Functional and Differentiated Seasons Work Binder. Spring is right around the corner, and your students need to be prepared for what’s to come (warm weather, short sleeves, more time outside). Get them ready by teaching them about the seasons. This makes for excellent morning work! 

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What’s your favorite way to celebrate March in the classroom? What’s your favorite activity to plan for in March? Tell us in the comments below!




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