Age-Appropriate Reading Programs for Older Non-Reading Students

Finding great reading programs for older, non-reading students that are not designed for preschoolers is not an easy task.

Most programs are either for children who are much younger or who are more advanced with their reading skills.

And it can be challenging to find a program that is age-appropriate for older non-reading students!

Reading Programs for Older Non-Readers

Thankfully, the amazing teachers in our Facebook group have been sharing some of their favorite age-appropriate curriculum ideas.

The ideas are teacher-tested and student-approved. That makes it easy to keep students engaged while they’re working on reading skills that are not their strong suit.

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Age-Appropriate Reading Programs for Older Non-Readers

1. Reading A-Z

Reading A-Z is a supplemental reading program for students of all ages. The paid subscription offers teachers access to printable and projectable leveled readers for 29 different levels of difficulty. There are also resources for teaching and assessing students’ fluency, phonological awareness, and more.

Ya’ll know how much I love RAZ, and if you’d like to see how I utilize RAZ in an elementary self-contained classroom – read more here.

2. Wilson Reading Program

The Wilson Reading System was designed to help support students in 2nd through 12th grade with reading difficulties. It can be used with students with dyslexia, as well as other reading challenges. Adults with reading deficiencies have also seen success by using the program. Teachers should be trained in the Wilson Reading System before using it, as it is a highly structured program with a specific step-by-step process.

3. Fountas and Pinnell

Fountas and Pinnell Literacy offers resources for teachers to address their students’ literacy needs. They provide a comprehensive, systematic approach to literacy and have resources for intervention, assessment, and professional development. Their system has been teacher-tested over many years and is a favorite among general and special education instructors.

4. Edmark Reading Program

The Edmark Reading Program is designed to be used as a stand-alone curriculum or as a supplemental program for phonics-based instruction. It features a reading level of K-3 but has an interest level of K-Adult which makes it a good choice for keeping those older students engaged.

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5. Unique Learning System

Unlike some of the other programs, the Unique Learning System is specifically designed to be used in the special education classroom. Their reading program covers everything from phonemic awareness to comprehension and fluency. The system is also very cognizant of creating age-respectful resources that boost students’ confidence as they learn to read.

6. News2You

Help your older students make connections to the world around them with the help of the News2You supplemental program. Designed to bridge the gap and make news accessible for special education students, News2You offers teachers teaching resources that are differentiated into four levels. This makes it a great resource while working with multiple students at one time.

7. Reading Horizons Elevate

The Reading Horizons Elevate program was created to help older students in fourth grade and up. It helps to fill in the gaps in their reading instruction so that they can become more confident and successful readers. The program is assessment-driven and systematic to ensure that students get the remediation that they need.

Taking the time to find the best high-interest, low-level reading curriculum or supplemental program for your older students is worth the effort. Not only will it help their self-confidence, but it will also keep them engaged and encourage their success.

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