Old Black Fly ( Books Teachers Love )

Old black fly is about a little black fly driving a family crazy faster on a hot summer day.

It’s a great read aloud for back to school, as he flies through the alphabet.

Old Black Fly is a story about a mischievous, old black fly that has a very bad day flying through the alphabet.

The human characters in this story chase the fly through the house, and the alphabet, as the old black fly coughs on everything from cookies to a parrot.

The illustrations in this story are magnificent and colorful, and the rhyming is superb and catchy. Your students will definitely be drawn to this book.


Especially once they see what happens in the end 🙂

If this book isn’t part of your classroom library yet, you can find Old Black Fly here.

As we read the story, we will be using the Old Black Fly Adapted Piece Book Set. You can find it here.

This lesson is going to be a little backwards because we’re going to have fun before we review… yeah, sometimes we do fun stuff in school. 🙂

I found an awesome pin that gave me the inspiration to create this activity for my students.

Each student will get one alphabet print out on white paper. I’ll let them choose up to 5 colors of paint and I will squirt little dots of each color onto their white alphabet paper.

Then I’ll give them the fly swatter and let them have fun swatting the colorful “flies”.

While our swatted flies are drying, we are going to begin reviewing Old Black Fly by sequencing the events in the story, as well the letters of the alphabet at the same time.

I love having students sequencing events because it’s such an important skill.

We will use these Old Black Fly sequencing cards to do that. Once we’ve put the story back in order, we can begin gluing the story pieces on to our swatted flies.

The end product will look something like this! I think my students are really going to like this, because let’s be honest… kids love to paint… and if you’re letting them splatter paint, oh man. #bestteachereveraward

{ Grab the Old Black Fly freebie here. }




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