The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Frog ( Books Teachers Love )

Spring is just days away and Books Teachers Love is back with some more amazing read alouds for the month of April.

there was an old lady who swallowed a frog book companion

April is another great month of read louds. There are so many topics to choose from, with lots of bright colors because we all know Spring is on the way!

If you haven’t noticed from previous BTL posts, I absolutely love the Little Old Lady series. The rhymes and silliness are perfect for primary-aged students, and the repetition is great for all readers.

Plus this crazy Old Lady really likes to eat… and I can get down with that 🙂

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When we read this story, we do a couple of different activities.

As we read the story, we use our Little Old Lady bag to help us sequence the events in the story.

Since this is a skill the majority of my students struggle with, we put a lot of emphasis on this skill when reading an Old Lady story (since the repetition really helps us remember).

We disperse the cards across students, that way each student has to pay attention for their turn to put the piece inside the Old Lady’s tummy.

When their part comes up in the story, they put their card inside of her mouth and let it fall into her belly.

It’s really cute because at the end, we get to “look inside” of her belly and the students can pretend that they are really seeing all of these objects inside of her tummy. Some of them act super grossed out, and others of them giggle along with me.

After we sequence the story with the old lady, we work on sequencing the story without her help.

The cut and pasting helps with our fine motor skills too… along with reminders to not eat the glue (it’s a good life skill to have LOL!)

This activity is one of my favorites. We use sandwich baggies as the Old Lady’s stomach and insert the cards to sequence what happened in the story. I told you were focus a lot on sequencing…

We can write 1st, 2nd, 3rd… on the backs of the cards and then students can take this Old Lady home to practice telling the story to their parents.

The last activity we do is using bingo daubers to color in what pictures were part of the stories and which were not found in our story.

This is obviously a kid favorite because, well, kids just love using the bingo daubers… and licking the ink… did I just say that? We’re pretty sensory over here…

Then I’ll put this Old Lady in centers with the book for a few days after we read about her. I laminate the O.L. (I call her that because by now we’re pretty close) and put Velcro dots on her stomach.

I laminate all of her favorites foods too and put Velcro dots on the backs of them.
It gives my friends something independent to work on, while still re-practicing a skill. You can easily integrate vocabulary words into this too.

I just love this Little Old Lady. And she’s kind of like one of the kids… she eats just about anything 😛

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