DIY Sticky Note Clipboard + Freebie!

If you happen to follow me on Instagram or on Facebook, you may have seen this photo:

I’m absolutely awful at keeping secrets when I am so stinkin’ excited about things I am working on. So I posted this photo to give ya’ll a sneak peek at what I was up to.

Any guesses?!

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Well you don’t really need to guess because it’s #MondayMadeIt and I can share with you!

Let’s start out with this forever FREEBIE that is now an exclusive blog freebie. If you’re anything like me, you have post it notes all over your desk to remind you of things to do each week. Well I’m putting an end to that mess organized chaos with this Post-It note clipboard!

All you need is a sponge brush or a regular paint brush (the sponge brushes are like a quarter at Michaels, so you can just throw them away afterwards and not worry about your paint brush bristles sticking together forever), Modge Podge, the freebie print out, and a clipboard. The cardboard clipboards work much better in this case. I got mine at Target for $1.99.

After I cut the white edges off around the freebie page, I used the sponge brush to apply the modge podge to the back of the paper.

When you’ve coated the back of the page, flip it over, center it and press it down onto the clipboard.

INSIDER TIP * Push from the center out to make sure you get all of the bubbles out from under the paper.

The next step is applying the modge podge to the front.

Now I’m not sure how modge podge works for non-ink jet computer ink… so be careful with smudging ink and make sure the ink on the page is completely dry first.

Once you’re sure the ink is dry, or if you have an ink jet or laser printer (you’re already ready to go!) just apply the modge podge to the front.

It will look like this and then dry clear.

I put 2 coats of modge podge on top just to make sure it’s nice and evenly coated. Let it dry completely before using and that’s it!

I started my school lists of things I need to get done…

…and you can see that even the Super Sticky Post-It notes come right off when you’re finished with a list. 🙂 Tadaa!

{ Grab the FREEBIE here. }

*in the original picture, you can see the spray paint can of modge podge. This is a finishing spray. Feel free to use this after you’ve applied a coat of modge podge to the front already. I didn’t, but you can if you’d like to*


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