5 Must-Try Math Websites for Special Ed

Making sure our students have enough math practice is vital. Thankfully, there are math websites that are great for special ed (and general ed!) that can be used while teaching in the classroom or online.

5 Must-Try Math Websites for Special Ed

Before diving into a website though, it’s important to make sure that it’s a good fit for your needs and your students’ present levels.

Here are some of our favorites and ones that other teachers have also recommended. Give them a try!

Practice Math Facts Using These Math Websites

While these math websites may work for some teachers, they may not work for all. We recommend trying the sites out ahead of time and then, if they’re a good fit for your students, introducing them slowly. This will give you a chance to peruse them before your students start diving into independent practice.

1 – SplashLearn

Designed for students in PreK-5, SplashLearn is a fun, engaging, and effective math website. It can be personalized for each student so that he or she is always working on the skills that they need the most help with at the moment. There are trackable reports to make it easy to keep tabs on your students’ progress as well. The best part? It’s free!

2 – XtraMath

Make sure your students are fluent with their math facts with the help of XtraMath! This free math website allows students to practice and improve their math facts skills. There are upgrade options with more thorough reporting and customization if that is something that would benefit your students.

3 – Zearn

Do your students thrive from watching videos and then practicing their math skills? If so, Zearn Math might be a great option for your special ed students. Zearn was built by teachers for teaching in the classroom. The program includes over 800 lessons and is designed to work with your classroom instruction. Want to check it out? It’s free!

4 – Boddle

Need a math website with an app for your students’ iPads? Boddle is a 3D math game that is accessible on the web and with an Apple app that’s compatible with iPads and iPhones. With engaging, differentiated learning, Boddle provides students with personalized math practice and real-time reporting. Teachers can sign-up for free!

5 – Prodigy

As an adaptive math game, Prodigy is known for engaging students and giving them the personalized math practice that they need to succeed. The Prodigy Basic plan is free and includes classroom reporting and core gameplay features. There are two other tiers of membership if you want to add extra elements to your students’ gameplay.

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No matter which math websites you introduce your students to, make sure that they are developmentally appropriate. The best math websites will be the ones that keep your students engaged and learning with little frustration and a whole lot of fun!

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