Halloween Books for Special Education Classrooms

Check out my Halloween books for special education classrooms and read about spooky, silly, and outrageous characters! Kids love Halloween, and why wouldn’t they? People passing out candy, getting to wear costumes, and just the thought of being scared is what some kids live for!

Starting in October for fall and Halloween, my classroom library gets rather larger… but that’s because I love reading books that match the current theme or holiday, so I have collected some of my favorite Halloween books.

20 Halloween books for Special Education Classrooms


20 Halloween books for Special Education Classrooms

5 Halloween Books for Special Education Classrooms

  • Wilfred and Blue, Halloween Hysteria is a book that may trick you! Farmer McDonald is carving pumpkins and Wilfred and Blue are up to no good.
  • At the Old Haunted House is a rhyming book that will capture your students’ attention with its amazing pictures! There are lots of critters in the house that may surprise you!
  • Halloween Hustle is a silly book about the skeleton’s dance! Do the creatures really have a dance party on Halloween night?
  • Big Pumpkin is about a bat that uses its brains to help the witch move the biggest pumpkin to make a yummy pumpkin pie!
  • The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything is about a lady who isn’t scared of anything until one night she was walking through the woods and got a big fright!
20 Halloween books for Special Education Classrooms

5 More Halloween Books

  • The Ugly Pumpkin is about a pumpkin that has waited for someone to take him home but he doesn’t get picked. He takes off on a journey and discovers who he is.
  • Pumpkin Jack is about what happens to the pumpkins after we carve them. This is great for a science experiement!
  • Pumpkin Circle is a nonfiction text about the life cycle of a pumpkin. It is great for younger students because it has simple vocabulary and bright, real-life images!
  • Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin, Pie is another nonfiction text that goes over the life cycle of a pumpkin. It would be so fun to make a pumpkin pie in the classroom too!
  • The Biggest Pumpkin Ever is about a pumpkinn growing competition. Two mice must work together to win the contest and make the largest jack-o-lantern ever!
20 Halloween books for Special Education Classrooms

More Ideas

  • Even Monsters Need Haircuts is a silly tale about a boy that cuts the hair of monsters while everyone else is sleeping.
  • Brunhilda’s Backwards Day is a story about a little witch that loves making trouble. She makes up grouchy everyday and tries to ruin everyone else’s day!
  • Creepy Carrots! is a book that my students love! The rabbit loves eating carrots but one day he thinks they start following him and man do they look creepy!
  • Creepy Pair of Underwear! is a companion book to the above title and my students thought it was hilarious! His underwear strat glowing in the dark and he isn’t sure what to do!
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Spooky is a companion book to The Good Seed. Halloween is the Bad Seed’s favorite time of year. What kinds of tricks does he like to play?
20 Halloween books for Special Education Classrooms

Do you have any great books to read for Halloween? Please drop a comment below with the titles for me!


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