20 November Books for Special Education Classrooms

November is here, and I have compiled a list of some great books to have in your classroom this fall. Check out this list of 20 November books to have in your classroom. There are fiction & nonfiction titles that will be great for young learners!

These books focus on fall, gratitude, and the changing of the seasons. These concepts can be challenging for young students to understand, but these November books are just right for teaching with their simple vocabulary and captivating images.

20 November books that teach about fall, the seasons, and gratitude.


  • The Leaf Thief is a funny book about a little squirrel that loves counting the leaves on his tree. One of his leaves goes missing and he must find out who took it! It also teaches kids about the seasonal changes that happen in the fall.
  • Fletcher and the Falling Leaves is a book about accepting changes and seeing what lies ahead. Fletcher is concerned when the leaves start falling off the tree but he is pleasantly surprised with what happens next.
  • Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn is a great read for talking about the seasons. Join a little girl as she walks through the forest and sees all the changes that are happening around her.
  • Because of an Acorn is a good book to talk about life cycles and tree growth. So many great things happen from that little acorn!
  • The Scarecrow is a book about love and loneliness. Scarecrow is lonely but will he make an unexpected friend when the bird lands on his arm? Read the story to find out more!
20 November books that teach about fall, the seasons, and gratitude.

5 November Books About Leaves and Pumpkins

  • Too Many Pumpkins is a funny book about Rebecca Estelle and her hate of pumpkins! Then, her garden explodes with tons of pumpkins! See how she uses them to help her friends out!
  • Amara’s Farm is a great book to talk about the vegetables and fruits that grow in cooler autumn weather. She goes searching for pumpkins for her family’s potluck but she finds so much more!
  • Apples and Pumpkins is a great book to teach children about harvesting in the fall. Many students will have experiences of going to a pumpkin patch or apple picking and they will love sharing that with the class.
  • We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt is an autumn version of going on a bear hunt! Young students will love the rhyming, sing-songy book that lends itself easily to incorporating movement to reading time.
  • There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves is a ridiculous story about an old lady that swallows all kinds of fall things. Kids love the repetative pattern of the text and can’t help but join in reading it!
20 November books that teach about fall, the seasons, and gratitude.

5 November Books about Fall

  • Leaf Man is an interesting book about the journey of a man made of leaves. The pictures are sure to captivate your learners since they are all made out of leaves. Having your students make their own leaf picutres would be a great hands-on project after the reading.
  • Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf is a great nonfiction option to teach students about leaves and the life of a tree.
  • Why Do Leaves Change Colors? is another great nonfiction option that provides students with tons of information in a simple, easy to understand format.
  • The Reason for the Seasons is great to read at the change of any season. It is written for 6-9 year olds and provides them with lots of information with simple vocabulary for easier understanding.
  • Hello, Harvest Moon is a great read about the changes of autumn and the moon. The harvest moon also signals to the night animals to wake up and enjoy the night.
20 November books that teach about fall, the seasons, and gratitude.

5 More Great November Books

  • A Tree for All Seasons is a nonfiction title that will go great with a study on seasons or trees. The book features real-life photos that are bright and eye-appealing.
  • Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin Pie is a great nonfiction text about the life cycle of a pumpkin. It shows students the many uses of pumpkins and how great they are!
  • Gratitude is my Superpower is a great title talking about how to be thankful for the things they already have. This is such an imporant thing to learn and this book does a good job of illustrating it for kids.
  • The Things I’m Grateful For… is a book of five short stories. They all focus on thankfulness and being happy with what we have. It also includes activities for each story.
  • I am Thankful is about learning to be happy with what we have and enjoying our family. See three different families and how they celebrate Thanksgiving with thier own unique traditions.
20 November books that teach about fall, the seasons, and gratitude.

A couple of days ago I posted my November bookshelf and asked the teacher community for additional book recommendations. There are some great ones in the comments!


Do you have any favorite books to read with your students in November? Please drop a comment below with the titles for me!

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