February Lesson Plans for Your Elementary Classroom

February lesson plans are almost here, and there’s so much to celebrate! Love is in the air, our teeth are shining bright, and Mr. Groundhog is letting us know that Spring is on the way (we hope).

With so many possibilities for February themes, it can be challenging to figure out where to start. 

If you want to get ahead of your February lesson planning, grab this hands-on and interactive February Activity Pack. Your planner will thank you- and you might even find a bit of *gasp* spare time due to the low-prep nature of this resource. 

Read on for even more lesson ideas and resources around Valentine’s Day, Dental Health, and Groundhog’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Activities for February Lesson Plans

February is the month of love, and what better way to celebrate love for others than by reading some Valentine’s Day stories? One of my absolute favorite Valentine’s Day books is Love Monster by Rachel Bright. The kids will love this sweet story about a hairy monster who’s looking to fit in but feels like an outsider due to his appearance. Poor guy! This is a heartwarming story with a message that needs to be taught and practiced in every elementary classroom.

With the FREE Love Monster Adapted Piece Book Set, your students will have the opportunity to follow along with interactive pieces. Adapted Piece Book Sets make reading come to life for learners of all levels. They take the stress out of storytime for those students who would rather be doing other activities.

If you like the freebie, check out the February Adapted Piece Book Set for 12 more popular stories your students will love. 

Have you tried baking in the classroom? It’s the perfect way to practice IEP goals. Visual Recipes give students the tools they need to build independence and they’ll love these February No-Bake Visual Recipes. With five recipes, including sour grapes, yogurt bites, strawberry coconut chow, cheesecake bites, and chocolate sprinkled pretzels, there’s bound to be something for everyone! 

Skills such as matching, patterns, and colors should be practiced consistently, and these 32 Hearts Matching Activity Cards will allow students to do just that. With this low-prep pack, just print, laminate, and celebrate! Watch your students finish the patterns using the mats and cards. Use this at center time or as a time filler when they finish their work early.  

Do your students thrive with digital activities? In this day and age, we understand that digital learning is just as effective as pen and paper. The  Valentine Digital Activity Bundle has 15 activities to help students count, CVC words, syllables, ending Y sounds, missing addends, and more. These activities are great for working on individual goals with students. It’s true! Teachers have told us! 

P.S. Be sure to check out the build-a-bug activity in the digital pack. Students absolutely love it. 

If you want to dive into the true meaning of the Day of Love, the Valentine’s Day Lapbook is the perfect resource! With 11 foldable pages, students can practice their literacy and fine motor skills. All while reflecting on their love for friends and family with various writing prompts! If you’re unfamiliar with lapbooks, you can check out a blog post all about them here

To make sure all of your Valentine’s Day bases are covered, grab the Valentine’s Day Math and Literacy Centers. This pack contains 66 pages of activities geared towards students from 2nd to 4th grade. The centers touch on so many critical academic skills. If you’re looking to set up purposeful activities during center time or free time, add this resource onto your February wishlist (or grab it now)!

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Dental Health Activities for February Lesson Plans

While Valentine’s Day is often the star of the show in February, we can’t forget about Dental Awareness Month. 

What better way to raise awareness of healthy teeth and good hygiene than how to Take Care of Our Teeth Unit. This bundle comes with visual posters to supplement all of your dental health lessons. It also includes informational notecards, a vocabulary word wall, matching games, sorting activities, and graphic organizers. Everything you need to set your dental health theme in motion. I bet your students will even want to brush their teeth once they learn about plaque monsters and the importance of flossing. This unit teaches it all! 

Once your students have learned the basics of dental health, get to show them how to brush their teeth correctly. There are so many steps, and it’s an important life skill to practice. This Dental Health Sequence Craftivity lets students practice their sequencing skills by step-by-step determining the correct dental routine. 

We need to tie at least one literacy activity in every unit, although it’s often way more than that. With the Dental Health Adapted Readers, students can practice their fluency skills while also working on comprehension and attention. Believe me (and all of the others who have used them) when I say adapted readers are the best resource to use during small group reading instruction. Watch the video above to see how to use the adapted readers in the most effective way!

For a simple lesson extension activity, use the Dental Health Sorting Mats to help students determine healthy and unhealthy foods for their teeth with clear visual pictures. Sorry friends! We understand your love for pink cupcakes, but you still need to brush after eating them!

Groundhog’s Day Activities for February Lesson Plans

I know I said we’re crazy about adapted readers, so here’s the proof. We have one for just about every theme! We even have Groundhog’s Day Readers!

These adapted books tell the story of Mr. Groundhog and the meaning behind the holiday that takes place on February 2nd. It also gets the students involved with hands-on reading. That’s just as exciting as hearing that Spring is coming early from a friendly, fuzzy friend! 

To round out your Groundhog’s Day festivities, grab the  Digital Groundhog’s Day Activity Bundle. Disclaimer: You need to use Google Slides with this resource to work, but trust me when I say it’s worth it! Students can work on literacy, math, and even emotions with nine activities to choose from. 

What’s your favorite February holiday to celebrate in the classroom? Tell us in the comments below!




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