February Bookshelf Share

February is the month of love… but also Black History Month, Dental Health Awareness Month, and the sweet little groundhog decides if we get an early Spring or not.

And that’s just the beginning. Phew!

But fear not. I am here to share with you a bookshelf for each major topic for the month of February.

Let’s take a look!

Non-topic specific, inclusive bookshelf for the month of February.

You can use these books to talk about Black History Month, different US Presidents, the 100th Day of School, snow and winter, Chinese New Year, being kind, and being a good friend.

In addition to children’s books you can purchase anywhere, I like to add in adapted books and adapted piece book sets.

{ You can find February-themed Adapted Books here. }

{ You can find February’s Adapted Piece Book Set here. }

Love Monster Adapted Piece Book Set Preview Freebie. Instill a love of reading, model fluency, and introduce new genres of stories to your students with monthly Adapted Piece Book Sets. Great visuals to practice sequencing a story and practicing comprehension of WH questions with visuals.

To learn more about Adapted Piece Book Sets, you will find this blog post helpful. To learn more about adapting your child’s favorite books, you can click here.

Groundhog’s Day is February 2nd. You can use these books to talk about groundhogs, shadows, hibernation, and the seasons.

Valentine’s Day is February 14. You can use these books to talk about love, friendship, being kind, cupid, and making cards for friends.

You can use these books to talk about Dental Health Awarenesses topics, like brushing your teeth, eating healthy foods, the Tooth Fairy, going to the Dentist, and general tooth fun.

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Other topics you can use books to begin conversations: Leap Year, National Inventor’s Day, Susan B. Anthony’s birthday, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, National Freedom Day, Chocolate Lover’s month, National Bird Feeding Month, Super Bowl Sunday, International Friendship Week, Library Lovers Month, Alien Culture Day, Bubble Gum Day, and Responsible Pet Owner’s Month.

What is your favorite February read loud?




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