Awesome End of Year Gifts for Students

It’s that time again! Time to start thinking about what to get your students for the end of the school year. Those end of year gift decisions can be hard!

Thankfully, we have some great ideas for end of year gifts for students that they will love and that won’t break the bank.

Check out the list below and make this an end of year to remember!

Gifts for Students at the End of the Year

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Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Make some tie dye shirts yourself or make them as a class. It’s a fun way for students to be creative!

Bubble Wands

Bubble wands make a big statement for a small price. You can usually find them at big box stores and dollar stores near the end of the school year.

Beach Bucket

Celebrate the upcoming summer fun with a beach bucket.


Either hand out books from your class library that your students have enjoyed throughout the year or purchase books for each student.

Personalized Bookmarks

If you give students books, you might also want to include a personalized bookmark. This could be anything from a bookmark with a positive saying to a scratch-off bookmark to one that has their first initial.


From pop keychains to squishy animal keychains, there are a ton of different ones that students will love.


Candy, chips, and other snacks are always a hit with students.

Framed Pictures

Frame a picture of each child that was taken throughout the school year.

Lunch for the Class

Buy the class lunch as a special end of year gift!


Fun summer bags are easy to find at dollar stores in the early summer, and kids love using them as they head off to all of their summer activities.

Personalized Waterbottles

Get some inexpensive waterbottles from the dollar store or a big box store and use a Cricut to cut out their names in vinyl.

Personalized Bags

Stamp, embroider, or write students’ names on canvas bags in fabric markers for a fun, personalized gift!

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Summer Toys

Check the dollar store for cheap, inexpensive summer toys that your students will love. Paddle balls, bouncy balls, squishy toys, and more are all great options.


An inexpensive puzzle is a fun idea for end of year gifts for students! Dollar stores frequently have them.

Pizza Party

Throw a pizza party for your class!

Award Certificates

End of year gifts don’t have to be expensive! A printed-out award certificate for a positive character trait or achievement can be just as meaningful.


Don’t worry about buying expensive jewelry – make some bracelets instead. A smiley face bead and some pony beads are always fun to make and students love to wear them.


Small cans of playdough can make a huge impression! Not only is it a great fidget toy, but it’s also perfect for a summer toy.

Markers or Crayons

Invite students to express their artistic side this summer with a pack of markers or crayons! A small tablet or drawing pad would be an extra nice touch.

STEM Activities

From mini-parachutes to poppers that can be used to talk about force, STEM activities are a great option for inexpensive end-of-year student gifts!

Glow Sticks

Kids love anything that glows, and glow sticks or glow jewelry is a fun option for the end of the school year.


Stickers are a timeless gift that is loved by kids of all ages! Choose some fun summer-themed stickers or positive affirmation stickers to hand out on the last day of school.

Memory Books

Not only are memory books a great end-of-the-year gift for students, but they’re also a fun activity to work on during the last few days of class. A simple notebook with blank pages works well and is inexpensive enough that you won’t break the bank.

Word Art

Using a computer program to make word art is a great and inexpensive option for end-of-year gifts. Print them out, place them in a dollar store frame, and you have a personal and touching gift for each of your students.

If giving gifts is your love language or the love language of your students, end of year gifts are a great way to show them you care. However, if gifts are not something you feel comfortable or are financially able to give, don’t get upset. A small note or a kind word can mean as much, if not more, as a sand bucket or a pack of cards!

What do you give your students as end of year gifts? We’d love to know!




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