10 End of Year Celebration Ideas For Your Classroom

Looking back, I bet you’re wondering where the past nine months with your students have gone and how the school year is coming to a close… am I right? Because it goes so fast and it seems like just yesterday when your students were walking through your door.

These End of Year celebration ideas will help you and your students reflect on the memories and growth that has taken place.

The end of the year is a bittersweet time as you watch your students spread their wings and move on to their next chapter. So commemorate the past year by using these fun activities as a way to reflect and say goodbye as summer approaches. 

Celebrate with End of Year Memories 

Capture memorable moments with the End of The Year Lapbook. Using colorful printables, students reflect and celebrate successes and achievements. You can think of this as a DIY yearbook that features space for a note from the teacher, an area to track their achievements, their top favorite moments, and more. As a bonus, they get to take them home to share their special moments with friends and family. Read more about End of The Year Lapbooks here!

Another great way to reflect on the year is with these End of Year Memory Accordions. These low-prep printables come in four variations and are suitable for all elementary grades. Like the lapbook, these accordions capture all of those special moments and accomplishments. Pro tip: Print these out on colorful cardstock for durability! 

Give your students one last huzzah with digital activities with the End of Year Digital Memory Books! If you’re looking for something that is “no-prep,” then this is the activity for you! With writing prompts, building activities, reflections, and more, this digital memory book is an excellent way for the students to depart from class in style.  

Celebrate with End of Year Activities

As you know, those final days of the school year are always buzzing with excitement and the anticipation of summertime! The Last Day of School Adapted Reader is a social story that talks about the last day of school. Not to mention, it’s a great way to squeeze in the final comprehension practice for the year. 

Are you looking for something engaging for students to do on their last day that doesn’t involve cutting, pasting, or coloring? The digital End of School Bundle meets the mark with nine no-prep activities that will keep students focused until the last bell rings. 

Get hands-on with these May Visual Recipes that focus on life skills, independence, and of course- culinary art! I mean, what better way to send the year off than with pizza bagels?! Strawberry sherbet, snack mix, veggiewiches, and spider crackers are also included in the bundle. If you’re lucky enough to have parent volunteers in your classroom at the end of the year, it’d be great to set these up as centers! 

Between remote learning and the ever-expanding digital age, the End of Year Writing Prompt allows students to reflect and practice writing without paper and pencil! 

Reading is welcome into our classroom all year long. Keep the celebration going with adapted book piece sets. The May Adapted Piece Book Sets is a beautiful way for students to improve their reading fluency until the very last day. With velcro pieces that make popular stories interactive, students get to explore the text and answer comprehension questions!

Celebrate with End of Year Gifts

The last piece to the End of Year Celebration can come straight from you in the form of class awards! Use this expansive list of superlatives to ensure each student feels valued as they move on to the next year. Remind them they are loved, special, and will be so missed! These End Of the Year Certificates are the perfect way to let them know. 

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If you give little gifts to your students as a token of departure, these Gift Tags are a unique way to label them. There are eight different tags to choose from that let you customize your sweet gifts a little bit more. 

What is your favorite End of Year Activity to do in your classroom? Tell us in the comments below!




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