Christmas Books for Special Education Classrooms

Christmas is coming, and I bet your students are filled with extra energy and mischief! I know mine always are.

The magic of Christmas is so amazing, and books can bring that even more to life. I love reading books to my students that go along with the theme we are talking about.

20 Christmas books for Special Education Classrooms


Note: when choosing books for your classroom, make sure you choose books appropriate for their intellectual level. You may be wasting time by reading a book written in an old-time language with boring pictures if your students aren’t ready for that. There is a time and place for holiday classics, but I also like to use books with bright images and ones that feature rhymes, humor, or important information.

Read these 20 Christmas Books for Special Education Classrooms and enjoy the magic of Christmas with your students.

  • Little Red Sled is a heartwarming story about a little red sled that could! Students will love to hear how to sled overcomes obstacles and tries to become Santa’s sleigh.
  • Dasher is another great story about overcoming obstacles and following your dreams! Will the little doe be able to help Santa?
  • The Polar Express book would be great to read after the students watch the movie and then you could complete a book comparison lesson!
  • All I Want for Christmas is Ewe is a great book to teach children about puns. The illustrations are gorgeous and your students will laugh while hearing all the funny puns.
  • The Night Before Christmas is a classic story that should be shared with your students. I love reading it because their eyes light up and they are so enthralled with the story.
20 Christmas books for Special Education Classrooms

5 Funny Christmas Books for Special Education Classrooms

20 Christmas books for Special Education Classrooms

5 More Christmas Books

  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas is another great one to read and watch the movie for a book comparison lesson!
  • ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas on the Farm is a sweet story about a little lamb that finds a special visitor in the barn.
  • How to Catch an Elf is a great book to encourage students to think creatively and would be great paired with a STEM challenge to create an elf trap. My students love to hear this book because it is so silly and they all want to share their ideas.
  • The Littlest Reindeer is a sweet story about the littlest reindeer that wants to help Santa. Will Dot be able to help him?
  • The Littlest Elf is a companion story to the above title and is also so sweet. Oliver wants to help but he can’t seem to find the right job in the workshop. Will he be able to be useful to Santa?
20 Christmas books for Special Education Classrooms

More Ideas

  • There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell! The old lady is at it again for a Christmas version! My students love these books and I love that they can help read it once they pick up on the repetition.
  • Dream Snow is about a farmer that lays down for a nap and dreams about a snowstorm. When he wakes up it has snowed! He then remembers he has a job to do!
  • Bear Stays Up for Christmas is a story about bear and his friends trying to keep him awake for Christmas. They try to keep him awake by doing all the holiday things, but he is sooooo tired! Will he be able to keep his eyes open?
  • 5 More Sleeps ’til Christmas has rhymes and great pictures to capture your students’ interest and grow their excitement for Christmas!
  • Calvin the Christmas Tree is about a little tree that has been preparing all year to be a Christmas tree. Will he be big enough, strong enough, and ready to be the center of the spotlight?
20 Christmas books for Special Education Classrooms

Do you have any great books to read for Christmas? Please drop a comment below with the titles for me!


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