The All-in-One IEP Lesson Planner for Special Education Teachers

As a special education teacher and IEP caseload manager, it is really difficult to find an IEP Planner and a Lesson Planner all in one that works for your classroom.

One with enough spots for small group planning, a curriculum calendar map, and the general calendars for the year… but also all the IEP stuff: IEP goal progress tracking, parent communication, IEP meeting notes, third party billing.

And having two planners is cumbersome… until now.

Where to Purchase Your IEP Lesson Planner

You can purchase a printed version of our planner on Amazon or a digital version in our shop.

What’s Inside the IEP Lesson Planner

I want to show you inside and explain all of the pages in this blog post, but if you’d rather watch to learn, here’s a video showing and explaining every page inside of our IEP Lesson Planner:

If you’re more of a reader and less of a watcher, here’s what included inside:

Screenshot 2023 08 09 at 2.27.09 PM

Classroom Information Pages – Great to keep track of general classroom information and where to find certain things; great pages for substitutes to have access to!

Class Procedures and Student Login Info – Write down what your classroom procedures are on this page, and then keep track of student logins on the other page.

Para and Student Schedules – Keep track of both your paraeducators and student schedules here.

Screenshot 2023 08 09 at 2.27.19 PM

School and Team Contact Info – Who are the main school and IEP team contacts you will be reaching out to the most? Keep that info here in one spot!

Student Profiles and IEP Snapshots – Create quick glances for each student with the student profile and IEP snapshot pages.

Long Range Planning – Plan out what you’re going to teach when, or what thematic units you want to teach during certain weeks or months of the school year.

IEP Tracking Calendars – Keep track of what IEPs are due when, including evaluations, on these pages.

Screenshot 2023 08 09 at 2.27.27 PM

IEP Writing Timeline – Use our recommended IEP Writing Timeline so you never miss a due date, and have a scheduled timeline for what to do each part of the IEP writing process and when.

Want to download your own IEP Writing Timeline for free? Start here.

Monthly Calendar Spreads – Use just like you would any other calendar!

Related Services and Monthly at a Glances – Each month has its own related services tracker to make sure your students are receiving all of their IEP services each month. Then keep track of your to do’s with the weeks at a glance.

Weekly Lesson Planning Pages – Lots and lots of boxes for you to use how you see fit. Left blank intentionally so you can customize based on your caseload and LRE setting you teach.

Learn how to make your own planner stickers here.

Screenshot 2023 08 09 at 2.27.32 PM

IEP Meeting Checklists and Notes – Use both pages for each IEP meeting you hold this school year. One IEP meeting checklist, and then a notes page to take notes during the IEP meeting.

Accommodation Tracker – Track individual student accommodations or whole group accommodations here.

IEP Goal Tracker – A place to keep track of student progress, all within your IEP Lesson Planner.

Third Party Billing – Keep track of whose third party billing you’ve submitted each month here.

There’s no longer a need for multiple planners, it’s all in one with this IEP Lesson Planner for special education teachers. Versatile and ready for any grade level classroom, the IEP Lesson Planner was created by a veteran special education teacher and IEP Coach. No fluff, only simple, easy to use checklists and data sheets to keep you organized!

Prepping Your IEP Lesson Planner

There are multiple different ways to prep your IEP Lesson Planner too. Here’s a video showing you 4 different ways to prep yours:

Remember, here’s where you can purchase your IEP Lesson Planner:

What do you look for in a Lesson Planner? Does this one check all the boxes? Tell us in the comments below!




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