Teacher Fashion Thursday – V2

It’s that time again & I’m really excited for this week’s TFT! It’s finally feeling like fall here in Pennsylvania, so I can finally wear adorable scarves, sweaters, & cardigans.

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One of my favorite things about discovering outfits on Pinterest is realizing you can mix colors together… just like the navy & army green. How perfect is this outfit for the everyday life of a teacher? Plus I think the boots totally make this outfit. 
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I think I mentioned this before, but I love Lauren Conrad. Her style is so chic and fashionable, yet it seems effortless to recreate her look. I’m always up for a little animal print to and the shirt seems like it wouldn’t be too over-the-top for teaching. What do you think?


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Another seemingly effortless outfit, especially for the around-the-corner winter season. I haven’t yet jumped on the legging / tights bandwagon, but I really like this outfit. This may be a sign for me to give them a shot.

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Trade those ripped jeans for a sleek pair of dark denim and this outfit is perfect for a Dress Down Friday! Since bomber jackets are really in, this outfit is totally rockable. Best part?! …you could totally wear this out for “after work”. 😉

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I’m not sure what dress code is in your school, but leggings are not permitted for staff. Even with that restriction, I think this outfit is still doable for the classroom. Find a pair of black straight-leg slacks & rock this outfit out! Comfy & simple… perfect for fall!

{ Find more outfit inspiration on Pinterest here. }

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