Student Teachers – How to Stand Out and Get Hired for a Teaching Position

It’s time! Time to put your best foot forward as a student teacher and get hired for a full-time position.

How to Get Hired - Tips for Student Teachers

But how can you make yourself stand out and land that teaching job you have your eye on?

Let’s break it down!

How to Stand Out and Get Hired

Depending on where you live or want to live, finding a teaching job may be challenging. That means that standing out and making a great impression during your student teaching experience is more important than ever.

We asked some veteran teachers what advice they would give to student teachers so that they have the best chance of securing a position in the school or district of their choice. They gave some great answers!

Ask the Principal to Observe a Few Lessons

There’s nothing more powerful than having the hiring principal see you in action. If you feel confident about your lessons and your ability to handle the class, ask the principal to observe a few of your lessons. This will give them firsthand knowledge of how you teach and will provide you with helpful tips for improvement.

Ask to Observe Other Teachers

Your mentor teacher may be amazing, but it is also a good idea to observe how other teachers in the school teach as well. Ask to observe a few different teachers throughout your student teaching placement. Get to know those teachers and learn from them.

Ask the Principal to Review Your Resume

Having a top-notch resume is key when you are applying for a teaching position. Ask the school’s principal to sit down and review your resume with you. This will give the principal an idea of your experience and aspirations while also giving you some helpful pointers and areas where you can improve your resume.

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Be Willing to Listen and Learn

Teachers and admins talk. If you are a student teacher who thinks she knows everything and is not able to listen or take constructive criticism, that will get around. If you’re a student teacher who eagerly listens, observes, asks questions and for critiques, and does her best with each lesson, that will get around as well. You don’t have to be perfect, but you do need to establish yourself as someone who is eager to learn and do their best.

Attitude is Key

Have a negative attitude about your placement or your role as a student teacher? It will shine through. Change your attitude and the odds of you succeeding as a student teacher and eventually getting hired will increase exponentially.

Get Involved in the School Culture

A teaching position is a lot more than delivering lessons. It is being involved with the school culture and community. If there are opportunities for you to take part in the things that your school does outside of the classroom, show up with a helpful, enthusiastic attitude. The admins and the teaching staff will notice your efforts and be more likely to consider you for open teaching positions.

There are many ways to stand out and get noticed as a student teacher – not all of them positive! Remember to show up every day with an eager attitude, ready to work, ready to learn, and ready to give 110%. Your attitude and enthusiasm will help to establish you as someone that would be a true asset to the school’s teaching staff.

What tips do you have for teachers to get hired for a job? Share in the comments below!




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