SNAP! { My School Pictures }

The dreaded school picture day… let me say that I’m not really sure if I actually like school pictures.
It might be one of those love-hate relationships. I don’t have any bad memories growing up of having anxiety over picture day, but there sure were a few bad years that are documented for eternity.

During my first year of teaching, I heard an interesting conversation on
the radio. It said that people typically have a 10-year period where
they look their best, and where they will pretty much be on point with
their looks. They talked about how some people reach this earlier in
life than others, and others have their 10-year beauty time frame later
in life.

Let’s just say that my 10-year on pointedness was not in my school-age time. It all starts with my second grade picture.

I used to suck my thumb… and it gave me a really bad gap between my two front teeth. My dad used to wrap my fingers in all sorts of contraptions before going to bed to prevent me from sucking my thumb, but… I always took them off and sucked my thumb anyway.

Eventually I grew out of it…

…and went to an orthodontist to fix the mess my thumb sucking had caused. Thankfully my parents were proactive enough that I had my headgear in like 3rd grade. You name it, I had it. Headgear, braces, bite plates… add my eventual glasses to the mix.


I went through a phase in 5th grade where I always needed to have macrame in my hair, as you can see by that lovely piece of string looking thing hanging from my hair on the right.

PS. Matching jump suits were all the rage and I wore this shirt and the matching black gym pants with a red and white stripe down each side at least every week. #onpoint


Oh high school… I’d like to say I tried to look cool in high school, but I really didn’t care. I went through another phase in 7th grade… the butterfly clip phase.

Do you remember those things?! You weren’t cool unless you had a butterfly clip in your hair. I wasn’t even cool WITH a butterfly clip though LOL.

My first haircut with layers… and the whole Baby Spice from the Spice Girls hair style. Lovely.

…and with letting my mom color my hair at home because getting highlights was so expensive (P.S. it’s still really expensive! What gives!?)

I wanted to be a blonde so bad. And I thought this was blonde. LOL. It’s orange. It’s fine.

Ahh… when I finally worked and could afford to buy my own clothes… and I was still nerd-alicious.

Senior pictures courtesy of Sears. Yep, good ole Sears.

In my mind, I was a track star… and although this isn’t a picture of me in my track suit for senior pictures, let me just tell you that there is one two three okay four pictures. But one thing that hasn’t changed is my RBF. Good to know that that doesn’t change!

Let’s just skip college, because it wasn’t much better for me LOL Thankfully I snagged Jeffrey when I was 17 because even now I’m not really sure how that happened. These pictures are proof that I was a nerd. A big nerd. 

Although, if you ask him now I’m even nerdier than I was when he met me. HA!

All of this brings me to the present time (my 6th year of teaching). I still have no idea how to do makeup, except for foundation and mascara. My hair does whatever it wants (in all reality, I curled my hair just 2 hours before this picture was taken) and my wardrobe is super basic.

BUT my picture didn’t turn out completely awful this year and I like it!

Maybe I’m finally hitting that 10-year period of looking presentable…

Want to share your school picture stories with me? Grab the image below and then link up your blog post so I can read all about you!

How do you feel about school picture day? Tell us in the comments below!


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