Using PreK Adapted Work Binders in the Special Ed Classroom

PreK Adapted Work Binders are a great way to get your prekindergarten students excited about learning in a new way. They can be adapted for your student’s ability level and used throughout their progress in the classroom.

PreK Adapted Work Binders

Learn more about what the PreK Adapted Work Binder is and how it can be used in your classroom to enhance your students’ learning!

Breaking Down the PreK Adapted Work Binder

In order to give you an idea of why the binder would work so well in your special ed classroom, it is important to understand what it is and what’s included in it. It is also important to hear how other teachers use the PreK Adapted Work Binder and what they think of it. Let’s break it down.

What’s Included in the PreK Adapted Work Binder?

The PreK Adapted Work Binder is a digital download of files. It comes this way instead of as a physical product so that you can adapt it to your students’ needs.

The files included in the PDF focus on a variety of prekindergarten skills and can be adapted to each student’s level. You can also remove or add pages as the child progresses throughout the school year.

The skills practiced in the PreK Adapted Work Binder include:

  • Shapes and Colors
  • Letters VS. Numbers
  • Identify letters and write letters
  • Numbers and Counting
  • Counting Words in a Sentence
  • Identify numbers and write numbers
  • Parts of the Body
  • Animals and Insects
  • Animal Sounds
  • Simple Patterns
  • Memory
  • Changes in Weather
  • Feelings and Emotions
  • Complete a Puzzle
  • Rhyme Words
  • Words and Opposites
  • Functions of Common Objects
  • Draw a Picture About a Topic
  • Retell Simple Sequences with Pictures

Within the 262-page download, there are also four editable covers where you can add a student’s name and editable binder spines in three different sizes to accommodate a variety of binders.

Check out the PreK Adapted Work Binder HERE!

What Does the Binder Look Like When It’s Put Together?

Great question! Since each binder can be adapted for each child, not all binders are going to look exactly the same. Some may include all of the skills while others may just include a few of them. The video below shows how the binder can look when it’s fully assembled.

What Others Are Saying About the PreK Adapted Work Binder

“It is so hard to find fun activities for pre-school age, especially things that will benefit all of my students. We have a program in our school called The Angel program that is a program for children with ASD and all of our students are mainstreamed into the classroom so I am always looking for ways to meet all of my babies at their level. This is going to be so much fun and thank you for offering such a great price!!”

“I originally bought this for my nephew who was struggling in school so I made him a binder worked with him very hard & this was a blessing!! The ease of use & the way the pages are laid out made them so easy to use. Now that I am a mom myself I have used this a lot with my twins & they love it also!!”

“I broke this binder set into several different binders based on my students’ abilities. Some of them were only able to complete a few assignments whereas others were able to complete everything and ready for the higher-level skills. Having everything laminated and stored in the binders made these easy to do as task boxes/ independent practice.”

“Love this resource. I am using it with a wide spread of ages from 3-8 with and without learning disabilities. great way to teach and review the whole group on individual levels. Thanks!”

“Wonderful resource for my special education students. Lots of fun activities to keep students engaged while learning various skills.”

“I made binders for each student. The instructions were easy for students. I and my students loved the visuals. It made teaching and learning a lot easier. Great Job!”

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“I bought this to help start my nieces on their educational journey. We made binders and they worked beautifully! This is time-consuming to create but well worth it!”

“Takes a bit of time to prepare but is an excellent resource and can be designed as an errorless learning task for those who were extremely disengaged in schooling!”

“I love these binders! Once you prep them, you have the activity for the whole year ready! There are some good skills in here for early childhood.”

“I use this resource in my self-contained classroom for morning work and it’s worked brilliantly! The students really benefit from the practice and do well with the work! Great resource!”

“This has been a great way to get baseline data for some of my students and to give simple tasks when they need to de-escalate. I love it!”

“My students loved this adapted binder. It was easy for them to work on independently or for some with minimal prompting. It kept my students engaged.”

“I love how some of my students use these learning tasks to work on academic skills and task completion while others are getting language-rich, errorless learning. The materials look the same from the outside, but I’m able to differentiate instruction.”

If you’re looking for the perfect work binder for your PreKindergarten students, give the PreK Adapted Work Binder a try! You won’t be disappointed!

What are some skills your PreK students need practice with? Share with us in the comments below!




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