Children’s Books to Help Teach Place Value

Integrating different subjects throughout the academic day has become very important in recent years.  If you can incorporate math into reading, or vice versa, then you are allowing for more exposure to each subject across the board.

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Let’s look at how we can incorporate reading into math, by finding some books that we can use to help us when teaching place value.

Place Value Math Books for Kids

1. Place Value

The monkeys in this book are trying to make the biggest banana cupcake ever and they need to get the recipe correct, so there is no monkey business when it comes to place value.  There’s a big difference between 261 eggs and 621 eggs – place value is the biggest key here to getting that recipe correct!

2. A Place for Zero

Zero is a lonely friend in Digitaria, and he can’t play Addemup with his friends because he has nothing to add, so let’s join him as he goes on his math adventure to discover his place through multiplication.  He sets out to find King Multiplus who is also curious about what will happen when zero gets thrown into the mix.

3. The Power of 10

For 10 year old Doogle, he is always daydreaming about playing basketball and one day joining the NBA.  Unfortunately, he has a rude awakening when he tries to purchase a leather basketball and his knowledge of place value is lacking.  That is when Tenacious Ten, an intergalactic superhero, helps by quickly illustrating the importance of the base 10 system and the miracle power of zeros and the decimal point.

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4. Digit’s Place

Penny Penelope Payne can’t make sense of her math homework.  Her mother saves the day with the story of Digit in the Base Ten Woods.  This squirrel has to think fast when family members and other surprise guests keep arriving with more acorns.  Where can he store them when all of his shelves are full?

5. Let’s Estimate

Estimation is the most successful when place value is understood.  How much pizza do these dinosaurs need for their pizza party?  If you don’t know exactly, you have to estimate!

6. Penguin Place Value

Help this family of penguins discover how many fish they’ve caught using your place value skills!

7. Emma’s Big Counting

Emma LOVES counting.  When she goes over to Leo’s house, they decide to count his big collection of cars.  Should they count the cars 1 by 1?  Or is there an easier way?  This book is an educational story written to help develop counting, estimating, grouping and place value knowledge.

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Have you ever used any of these books when talking about place value with your little ones?  Or are there any other books that you have used that you’d like to share with us?  Let us know in the comments below!




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