Back to School and Parent Involvement

Whether any of us want to admit it or not, back to school is coming.

For some of us, it’s here… and we can certainly smell the scent of freshly sharpened pencils. That smells makes any teacher just jump with joy, right?

(Maybe during the middle of the school year, not so much during the back to school rush, am I right?!).

For others of us, don’t tell me you haven’t been scoping out the back to school aisles at Target! I’ve seen your Instagram posts… I know!

I’m super excited to start back, but I am not looking forward to waking up early. I am a morning person, but more of a 7-8am morning person… certainly not a 5-530am morning person. Yuck!

Free editable parent handbook flipbook, great for all ages. Blog post at Mrs. D's Corner.

Slowly but surely, I’ve been getting things created and printed out for my new classroom.

Knowing that I really want to get parents involved this school year, I needed something for Open House/Back to School Night that the parents could take home and have information at their fingertips.

Something interactive and something memorable that parents won’t forget.

So the first step was editing the flipbook so I could tell parents everything.

Then I started printing the classroom flipbook. I decided to use colored Astrobrights paper to make each tab stand out on it’s own.

I created a pattern with the paper before putting it into the printer, that way when I put it together it would look right. You can easily do this in a school copier as well.

Print each page of the calendar flipbook.

I printed them out and the pattern actually worked in my favor.

Printer – 0, Mrs. D – 1.

Next step was cutting them out. I used scissors because I have yet to order a paper cutter. (Recommendations, anyone?)

Use colorful paper to create a rainbow of important information parents need to know within your calendar flipbook.
I put the handbook in order and stapled it in 3 places: 1 on each end and once in the middle.
It’s super simple and really easy to not mess up.
Staple the top of the calendar flipbook to keep it all together.

…and tadaaa!

I was so proud of myself that I showed my mom (who was visiting/staying with us for 3 weeks), and we brainstormed this amazing idea. Why not add a sticky magnet to the back and the parents can hang it on the fridge?!

Add a magnet to the back of your calendar flipbook so parents can hang it on the fridge at home.

Brilliant! Now my parents will have access to classroom information on a daily basis (as long as they don’t throw it away… which I know that now they won’t).

I’m so excited to debut this to my kiddo’s parents!

Calendar flipbook free download

Want to grab this for your classroom? You can pick it up here for FREE!

What fun activities or handouts do you have planned for Open House or Back to School Night?


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