Field Trip Supplies in Special Ed

Field trips are a great way to give our students experiences outside of the classroom walls that will help them learn and grow. The trick is to make sure we have the field trip supplies that we need before ever leaving the school.

Field Trip Supplies for Special Ed
Field Trip Supplies for Special Ed

Must-Have Supplies for Field Trips

While there are some supplies that are universal for all students and teachers on a field trip, there are also some things that are unique for special ed field trips.

The list below includes the majority of items that you will need to have on hand anytime that you head out with your students. Consider it a list of must-have field trip supplies!

Basic First Aid Supplies

Most school buses have a first aid kit on hand, but it’s always a good idea to keep a small kit with you during a field trip. You never know when someone may need a bandaid!


Fruit snacks are a great option for field trips because they provide a quick boost of sugar, are easy to transport and store, and kids generally love eating them. They also don’t get broken like pretzels or crackers.


Staying hydrated is important for both your students and yourself. Have a bottle of water, clearly marked, for each person on the field trip. It’s one of the most important field trip supplies you can have!

Cell Phone Numbers

Make sure you have the cell phone numbers of each teacher attending the field trip. It’s important to have contact information in case you need to contact them or vice versa.

Pictures of Students

Before you put your cell phone away, snap a quick photo of each student. That way you have a current picture and a record of what the student was wearing in case they become separated from the group.


While you may not want to use fidgets during the actual trip, having a few on hand for the bus ride can be a lifesaver!

A Change of Clothes for Students

Slipping in the mud, potty accidents, and drink spills happen. Instead of having to stay in the same clothes until returning to school, have a generic change of clothes (sweatpants and a sweatshirt are always good!) that students can put on instead.

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Trashbags & Paper Towels

A roll of paper towels and a trashbag are essential in case someone does have an accident and soiled clothes need to be stored until returning to school.

Charging Brick & Cord

It seems like cell phones always choose the most inopportune times to lose their battery charges, so a charging brick and cord are a must when gathering field trip supplies!

Tissues & Wet Wipes

If your field trip is outside in the cool air, you can pretty much guarantee that there will be runny noses. Wet wipes are good for wiping hands before snacking or eating lunch.

Hand Sanitizer

A small bottle of hand sanitizer can be a big help when lunchtime comes around on a field trip!

Noise Canceling Headphones

If your students have noise sensory issues, noise-cancelling headphones are a great way to help them stay regulated on bus rides.

Students’ Emergency Contact Information

Never leave the school without your students’ emergency contact information! It’s one of the most essential field trip supplies!

Sun Screen

This may not be allowed by your school so check with them first, but if it is, a small tube of sunscreen can prevent quite a few sunburns throughout the field trip!

What you bring on the field trip will ultimately depend on your students’ needs and the space available. Choose your field trip supplies wisely so that everyone feels safe and comfortable.

What are your must-have field trip supplies? Share with us! We’d love to know what you bring with you on special ed field trips!




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