Coping with Teacher Anxiety | Priorities Checklist [Free Download]

As a teacher with anxiety, I often get questions on how I cope with teacher anxiety in the classroom.

Besides the obvious “self care”, many of our preferred and most useful tactics for coping with teacher anxiety are things we do outside of the classroom.

But as teachers we have a lot of responsibilities and our to do lists never end. The work is always there. There is always something that needs our attention.

Things that need done now, things that need done next week, pretty decor ideas we saved from Pinterest… all of these things haunt our thoughts, making it hard to pin down where to start – sending us into a panic, which is where the anxiety steps in.

This is one way that I keep everything on my to do list organized, which helps me stay sane.

Supplies needed:

Watch this less than five minute video to learn about how I use this priorities list to quiet my teacher anxiety, as well as how I use it to keep me organized in sane when all of the teacher to do’s are piling up.


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