Adapted Book Club – Waitlist Thank You!

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Please make sure you confirm your subscription using the link that has been sent to your inbox. If you don’t confirm, you won’t officially be added. If you don’t see the email, please check your spam or promotions tab. If you signed up with a school email, please know that school firewalls block the majority of incoming emails from outside agencies and businesses. You may want to re-sign up with a personal email so you don’t miss any ABC news!

And since you’ve signed up for the waitlist, I want to let you in on this secret I’ve been keeping and share more details.

What is Adapted Book Club?

Adapted Book Club will be a monthly subscription that teachers and parents can join to gain access to 500+ adapted books in both a printable and digital (using Google Slides™) format for one low price.

Not only will you gain access to all the adapted books you’ll ever need, you’ll have have The ABC Academy, where you’ll find pre-recorded videos walking you through how to print, prep, and use adapted books. And if you prefer written word to videos, you’ll also find blog posts outlining everything you need to know too.

We’ve covered everything with this one, ya’ll!

When will Adapted Book Club open?

ABC will open on November 1, 2020. Mark your calendars now!

By signing up for the waitlist, as soon as we have more information to share, you will be the first person notified.

What is an adapted book?

Here is a printable adapted book example:

And here is how the digital adapted books work:

What adapted books will be included in Adapted Book Club?

Every adapted book in my TeachersPayTeacher shop will be included in Adapted Book Club. Not only that, you’ll find exclusive adapted books inside ABC that you won’t find in my shop (or anywhere else) and every month new adapted books will be added for VIP members.

How much will Adapted Book Club cost?

Right now we aren’t sharing details on pricing, but know that it will be suuuuper affordable… and basically a no-brainer to join. (And you’ll probably ask me why I didn’t do this sooner.)

I can share with you, though, that there will be a basic subscription and a VIP subscription.

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