Setting Up a Zen Space in Your Classroom

Creating a zen space in your classroom gives your students a place to unwind, relax, regroup, and calm themselves before returning to regular classroom work.

Setting up a zen space in your classroom

If you’re not sure how to create the ultimate zen space, the ideas below will help! They are student-tested and teacher-approved!

Creating a Classroom Zen Space

The senses play a huge role in the effectiveness of a zen space in the classroom. From what you see to the sounds you hear, a peaceful spot is all about what is going on around you. Here are some ideas to help you create the ultimate zen space in your classroom!

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Change Up the Color

If you’re allowed to paint the walls in your zen area, choose a calming color. If paint is a no-go, a large chalkboard for students to draw on, or wallpaper stuck to foam board or plywood can do the trick to changing the color to something calming.

Mood Lighting

Lighting is a huge part of the calm effect, so break out the fairy lights or strings of soft white holiday lights. Leave the fluorescent and LED lights off and opt for something softer instead. If the lights that you use can dim, that’s even better!

Tents Aren’t Just for Camping

Nothing is cozier than a quiet nook and a small camping tent can provide that. There are pop-up tents and then some that are specifically designed for quiet reading or playing areas for kids. Use the one that fits best with your space and your budget!

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Pillows, Pillows, and More Pillows

Being uncomfortable is not zen at all, so pillows are a must-have in your calming corner. Floor pillows to sit on, lounging pillows to snuggle up to, body pillows to lay down on, and soft, velvety pillows to cuddle are all great options. Pro Tip: Make sure pillows have a removable, washable cover so that they can be washed in the case of messes.

Cozy Chairs

If you have the space and budget to add small pieces of furniture, try adding a cozy chair or beanbag to your zen space.

Cozy Shag Rug

Nothing says calm and zen like hard, cold tiled flooring, right? Of course not! Cover up that low-profile carpet or cold tile floor with a small, fluffy rug that kids just want to curl up on!

Sensory Bin

A sensory bin with small toys, a sand tray with a small rake, or even a bowl with colored rice can all help create a sense of peace through touch.

Sound Machine

Don’t throw away that old sound machine, bring it into the classroom and give it new life in your zen space! The calming sound of the rain or ocean waves can make even the most stressful day seem a little bit more peaceful.

If a sound machine is not feasible, try a portable CD player with a calming CD and headphones!

Creating a zen space in your classroom is the ultimate way to help your students relax and calm down when they’re having a hard day. They’ll always remember the safe space you created for them!

What do you put in your zen corner? Share with us below! We’d love to hear your ideas!




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