27 Valentine’s Day Crafts for Any Classroom

Valentine’s Day is a super fun time of year in the classroom, helping foster lessons full of friendship, love, and appreciation.

26 Valentine's Crafts for Any Kid. Valentine crafts that are fun and great fine motor activities for students in special education. Blog post at Mrs. D's Corner.

February is one of my favorite times of year because there are so many fun, engaging, educational things to do with students. And educational is key!

Making something educational fun doesn’t have to be difficult either. This hand-picked list of 27 crafts are sure to be a hit in any elementary classroom.

27 Valentine's day Crafts that are great for any classroom. 27 Valentine's Crafts for Any Kid. Valentine crafts that are fun and great fine motor activities for students in special education. Blog post at Mrs. D's Corner.

Starting off with a recycling activity, using old crayons to make new ones in a fun shape. Peeling paper is an incredible fine motor task, just put on a

These DIY paper heart bracelets are a sweet and easy kid’s craft activity for Valentine’s Day, and great fine motor practice!

An adorable paper heart wreath that you can make from basic scrap supplies or you can swing by your local craft store to grab some adorable Valentine’s Day themed paper! Use glue sponges to for no mess putting together.

A fun craft the whole family can do. These sharpie dotted cups are a great for gifts or just to add to your favorite mug collection. Students can add dots or draw lines, so it’s great for every child. Perfect for memory making!

Super quick and easy heart garland wreath! Kids will love putting this on their bedroom door or just seeing it around the house as a wall hanging. Another great fine motor craft!

Ahhh, this adorable love bug Valentine’s crafts is super cute and great for kids of all ages to put together! This little guy is so stinkin’ cute!

These no-mess splatter painted hearts are a total win for mom and kiddo!

Suncatchers are a year-round craft that can be adapted to any season or holiday! These heart shaped ones are a great for Valentine’s Day!

This might be one of my favorites! Paper tree crafts are one of the cutest crafts to make with littles. This Valentine’s Day tree paper craft is one you’ll enjoy making with the kids!

This paper plate craft is an adorably fun and simple way to take a paper plate and turn it into a cute Valentine’s Day owl craft! A craft all the kids will surely love.

There’s something about adorable monsters, right? You’ll love these cute little love monsters that are incredibly fun to make! Engage all the sensory feels with this craft!

These paper plate love birds are so easy to make and offer the freedom to let your kids get as creative as they want.

This project is great for kids of all ages, especially little ones! You’ll just need a cardboard tube (toilet paper or paper towel roll works fine), tape, and some paint!

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This fun accordion-style Valentine’s card is super fun to make! Plus, you likely have all the supplies you need in your craft stash.

If you allow students to exchange Valentine’s at school, this quirky monster box is such a fun way to hold Valentine’s treats and cards! You’ll just use an empty tissue box (or old shoe box) and a few other crafts to pull this adorable craft together.

Snow globes are so magical, aren’t they? With just a few easy to find supplies, you’ll be able to create your very one Valentine’s Day snow globe that would make the sweetest gift!

Do you have students with loved ones live far away? This heart-felt long distance hug craft will surely make them feel the love on Valentine’s Day!

These adorable little pom pom monsters are fun, adorable, and easy to make.

What a fun Valentine’s Day craft that keeps on giving? These recycled paper hearts will grow when you plant them! A fun craft for kids of all ages!

Science and Valentine’s day meet with this fun slimy craft! Valentine’s Day slime for kids is a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy.

The kiddos can get hands-on with this adorable love bug Valentine’s craft.

Quick and simple symmetry heart project. A great activity and craft for toddlers and young kiddos.

A fun handmade Valentine’s Day craft that encourages fine motor skills.

Grab your Popsicle sticks and make these three-dimensional Valentine’s love bugs.

With a few empty toilet paper rolls you quickly pull these heart shaped binoculars.

These woven heart baskets are adorable and require minimal supplies to create! This craft is a little more complicated, better for older students.

Finger print crafts are a sweet way to add that personal touch to any craft. This Valentine’s Day heart fingerprint tree craft is a great way to do that!




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