Using Stamps in Special Ed to Collect Data

As special ed teachers, we have a lot of responsibilities and tasks to do each day. But what if using stamps in special ed could make teaching and gathering IEP data easier?

Here’s how it can!

Using Stamps in Special Ed

10 Ways to Use Stamps in Special Ed

Understanding how and when to use stamps in the special ed classroom or setting can be a game-changer. Here are some of our favorite ways and the stamps that support them.

1. IEP Meeting Information

Imagine having a stamp that you could use to indicate the date and time of each student’s IEP meeting. It’s a dream come true! You could stamp it on the inside of a file folder, on a note home, or even on documentation so that you remember when and where those pieces of information will be used.

2. Prompt Levels

When working with students 1-1 it’s important to document the prompting leveling that they needed in order to complete the assignment. This self-inking stamp makes it easy to stamp, check, and file for IEP data collection purposes.

3. Accommodations Stamp

Which accommodations did the student use to complete an assignment or task? It can be difficult to remember at the end of the day when you have a large caseload and work with a lot of students. The Accommodations Stamp allows you to quickly and easily mark down which accommodations your students used right on the assignment or in your files.

4. Grade Taken On Stamp

Understanding after the fact what a grade was given on is important. Was the student graded on accuracy or completion? Was it graded on the quality of work or the effort? Use this stamp to record that information.

5. Refusal to Complete Stamp

Sometimes students refuse to complete work no matter how much we try to prompt them. With this self-inking stamp, it’s easy to mark the page to indicate the child’s refusal.

6. Modified Assignment Stamp

Make sure you remember which assignments were modified so that you can accurately report them on progress notes. The self-inking Modified Assignment stamp makes using stamps that much easier!

7. Behavior Conduct Stamp

Oh, behavior! Sometimes it’s great and sometimes it needs improvement. This handy stamp lets you quickly circle the face that indicates the child’s behavior that day for the assignment in question.

8. Data Collected Stamp

Use the self-inking Data Collected stamp to let the IEP team, parents, and guardians know that data was collected on a specific work sample, lesson, or activity.

9. Completed in Inclusion Stamp

Was the work completed in the inclusion classroom? This stamp lets the IEP team, parents and guardians know that that was the case.

10. Passage Read to Student Stamp

Reading the passage aloud to the student is a common accommodation found in IEPs. But how do you know when you read the passage aloud and when the student read it himself? This handy stamp makes it easy to mark passages so you and the IEP team can monitor passage levels.

There are other ways for using stamps in the special ed classroom too! From meeting reminder stamps to stamps that indicated when a goal has been mastered, using stamps makes it quick and easy to organize and prepare your data for IEP writing and reporting time.

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Check out all of our self-inking stamps for the special ed classroom and start making your life easier today!

What are some of your favorite ways of using stamps in the classroom? Share with us below!




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