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Ah, the end of the school year. It is a challenging time for teachers everywhere. Kids are ready for summer, and, let’s be honest, so are teachers.

We decided to have some fun and asked the veteran teachers in our Mrs. D’s VIPs Facebook Group what they would title a book about how to survive the last month of school.

Their answers were, as expected, amusing, and spot-on! You can see the original post here if you’re a member of the group. Not a member yet? We would love to have you! Join the group here.

Book Titles for How to Survive the End of the School Year

Crawl to the Finish Line. Some days it’s all you can do to make it through the day, but this book would help you make it to the very last day! 

Head Down, Mouth Shut! The last month of school calls for a bit of quiet time, and this book would teach you some practical ways to make that happen.

Chocolate, Extra Recess, and Prayers! Calling on the trifecta of teacher self-care, this novel would emphasize taking care of your sanity. The expanded sequel to this one is Prayers, Paras, Chocolate, and Co-Teachers. 

Were You This Annoying in August? Just as your behavior is bound to test students’ limits at the end of the year, so too does theirs test yours. 

Buy Stock in Dry Shampoo. Showering is never optional, but the messy bun reigns supreme during the last month of school. Here’s how to make that happen.

You are Not Losing Your Mind, Everyone Else Is! This is behind the scenes truth about meltdowns and behavior at the end of the year.

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up. From parents requesting extensions for their students’ work on the last day of school to a student who has a meltdown, a lot happens during the last month of school that you wouldn’t be able to imagine even if you tried. This book details those adventures.

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Some Days It’s Like Wrangling Tornados. You may never have wanted to be a tornado watcher, but the last month of school gives you hands-on experience in this profession. This book explains how to survive the storm.

Pass the Carbs. Forget about starting the Keto diet during the last month of school, but carbs become your BFF. Donuts, pastries, and all the bread are a normal part of your daily diet.

Pa-lease! Like for Real, You Learned How to Line Up Week One. Sometimes reinforcing the basics of week one is a necessity in the final weeks of school. Here are the rules to reiterate in your exasperation.

The Longest Month of the Year. Winter may seem like the longest season, but ask any teacher, and they are sure to tell you that the longest month of the year is the final month of school. This novel chronicles those long, endless school days.

And, one of my personal favorites…

Oh, THAT’S Where I Put That. It’s the book that details the joy of finding all of those things you misplaced at the beginning of the school year while you’re packing up your classroom during the final days. The sequel to this one is “Where Did I Put That?!” and is best read around mid-September.

Here’s to a fantastic end of the school year! May it be easy, filled with laughter instead of chaos, and over in the blink of an eye.

What unpublished book title would you write for the end of the year? Share your teacher humor with us in the comments.

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