There was an Old Mummy Who Swallowed a Spider ( Books Teachers Love )

October is probably one of my most favorite times of year when it comes to children’s books. This section of my classroom library is enormous, and I can never say no to a good Halloween book.

There was an old mummy who swallowed a spider book companion

One of my favorite things about reading picture books to my students and with my students, is that reading pictures is reading.

The illustrations in the highlighted book of the month are incredible and engaging for students of all ages. It’s repetitious and silly, and a great conversation-starter too!

There was an Old Mummy Who Swallowed a Spider is the story of a mummy who is making his way through the night swallowing a bunch of stuff. He’s kind of like the little old lady.

The rhyming and catchy-ness of the story pair well with the illustrations, for a book your students are sure to enjoy and giggle through.

I found this book as an Amazon recommendation.

You can grab it now too by clicking here*.

Sequencing anything is a tough skill for many of my students. Numbers, following a word in sequential order to spell it correctly, and retelling events in a story to be more specific…

…so we’re going to make these adorable mummy bags to help us retell the events in TWAOMWSAS. We do this activity with all of the Old Lady books and my kids LOVE these little retelling bags. They take them home at the end of the day too, so they can tell their parents all about the book.

If you don’t want to create the baggie mummy, you can create a lunch bag mummy (instructions are included with the picture of a finished lunch bag mummy). Both are a super simple activity that engages students and helps them with sequencing.

We do the baggie activity first because it helps students then re-sequence the story as we work through other sequencing pages. The kids can write numbers on the back to help them remember, which is a super easy accommodation.

Then we switch gears to bingo daubers. I know, we have so much fun in Life Skills!

We go circle by circle and determine if the object / animal inside of the circle was in the story we read. If it was in the story, we use the dauber to highlight it. It’s a great quick check activity that students can also perform independently too.

We do all sorts of cut and paste sequencing activities with pictures and words. It’s super easy to differentiate for all of the learners in my classroom, or use the same for each to practice vocabulary words.

To finish off our lesson, we make our own mummy! All you need is crepe, tissue, or construction paper, a little glue and the pattern.

Glitter Glue is a f.a.v.o.r.i.t.e. in our room, so we break it out on super special occasions. Not only do we practice using on a little bit of glue, the kids really love seeing the spooky, sparkly purple glue peak through the mummy’s wrappings.

{ Grab the Book Companion HERE. }


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