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Teaching is so much fun, even more so when you have a classroom theme!

And I don’t just mean your entire class theme is nautical or Dr. Seuss or rainbow, I mean each day of the week has a theme.


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YES! If this idea is new to you, I definitely recommend trying it out. Start with just one day of the week, I think Friday is the best because… well it’s Friday and works as a HUGE motivator for students!

Your whole entire day does not need to be themed, just a part of your schedule. For example, when we do Fun Food Friday – we cook only in the morning before specials.

Here are a few ideas of themes you could use for each day of the week:

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Motor Monday

Motivating Monday / Monday Motivation

Make it Monday

Technology / Techie Tuesday

Tech-Free Tuesday

Task Box Tuesday

Together Tuesday

Thoughtful Tuesday

Know-How Tuesday (example: life skills tasks)

Talented Tuesday (example: show and tell)

Takeaway Tuesday

Work Task/Box/Bin Wednesday (read blog posts here)

Why? Wednesday (example: science experiments – “why does __ happen?”)

Workday Wednesday

Read it Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday (example: silly sock day, ready a silly book, learn new words)

Thoughtful Thursday (example: brain teasers or puzzles)

Thankful Thursday (example: write thank you letters)

Thrifty Thursday (example: money)

Think About It Thursday (example: brain teasers puzzles)

Social Story Thursday

Treat Truck/Tray Thursday (example: student run treat cart for teachers)

Fine Motor Friday (read blog post here)

Fun Food Friday (read blog post here)

Fun Friday (read blog post here)

Coffee Cart Friday (read blog post here)

Fabulous Friday

Friendly Friday

Fold it Friday (example: laundry skills)

Finally Friday

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Do you have special themes for different days of the week in your classroom? Let us know by sharing your themes in the comments below!

Classroom themes for every day of the week in any classroom, like Motor Monday and Fun Food Friday. Learn more and see the lists at Mrs. D's Corner




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