Teacher Fashion Thursday – Volume 3

Ever since high school, I’ve always thought of Back to School as a time to stock up on wardrobe essentials. You can get some great deals during back to school sales! Let me say that I was (and still am not) one to spend $50+ on one shirt or $80+ on one pair of jeans. I always have used coupons and shopped during sales. I rarely purchase anything at full price… I just can’t bring myself to do it! *Can I get a hands up for Plato’s Closet, too?!

So I decided over the weekend that I was going to handle back to school shopping a little differently this school year. Enter my Pinterest board.

I love pinning outfit ideas on Pinterest. It gives me inspiration for outfits and helps me put outfits together out of things I already own.

So I decided that I’m going to peruse Pinterest, pick a few of my favorite outfits and recreate those with items currently for sale in stores. Whether it’s just the shirt or scarf, or an entire outfit, I am going to do this. *Just trying to reassure myself that stepping outside of my comfort zone is okay!

Here are the first few outfit inspirations that I’ve recently come across (click on the picture to take you to the Pinterest link so you can pin it):


I am loving the neutral look of this. I don’t like flashy pieces, so this would be perfect. Plus it looks super comfy!


I’ve never tried black on black, but Eva is rocking it in this picture. It looks casual, yet I think with the proper “work pants” and “dress shirt”, it would be teacher attire appropriate.


I would pair a button down that I currently have in a very similar color with white dress pants and a sturdier pair of heels. Okay, maybe flats. Definitely flats.


Alright, truce. Even though I live in Texas now, I still want to invest in a vest like the one pictured. I tried to find one last winter and was unsuccessful.


Either for jeans friday or paired with navy khakis. I really need to invest in an affordable, well fitting blazer.


I have wanted to recreate this outfit for months now. I have the shirt, I just need to find those pants. I would pair the outfit with a pair of TOMS. I love me some TOMS. 🙂


I have the rest of this outfit, except for the army green pants. I love that the heels dress this outfit up enough. It might be a little too casual, so maybe a jeans Friday outfit.


Paired with navy or cream colored pants. Would be an easy outfit to change from work to errands after school too!

{ Find more outfit inspiration on Pinterest here. }

How do you handle clothes shopping for your work attire?


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