Teaching Students Online with BrainTrust [VIDEO]

Teachers are hard workers. We always go the extra mile. Whether it’s creating incredible resources and lesson plans to inspire students, designing a beautiful classroom to engage and support learners, or writing endless emails to calm parents’ concerns, teachers are dynamos.

And luckily for parents out there, many educators also bring that brilliance and dedication to individual students as private tutors. Which is why I am so excited to introduce Braintrust to you!

Braintrust is a platform that makes it easier for families and teachers to connect for a better tutoring experience.

Mara Koffmann, the CEO and co-founder of Braintrust, wants to be clear that Braintrust is not just another tutoring company! As a former classroom teacher who has been tutoring for the past 10+ years, first for other organizations and then on her own, she understands why tutoring companies have a mixed reputation. With many of these businesses, teachers earn less, parents pay more, and there is a lot of variability in the service experience overall. Mara and her business partner, Jen Mendelsohn, are building Braintrust to change that.

Their mission is to create a better tutoring experience that empowers teachers and parents alike.

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FOR TEACHERS: With Braintrust, teachers choose when and where they want to work, how much they’d like to earn for their time, what they teach best, and which learning differences they’re able to support.

FOR PARENTS: And parents are able to match easily with verified teachers who have the training and expertise to support a wide range of learners at a price they can afford.

FOR EVERYONE: Plus, Braintrust offers a range of management tools to make scheduling, communication, and payments a breeze.

With clickable skill reports, automatic progress updates, and credit card processing, everyone can stress less – teachers can effortlessly manage their business, and parents can keep close tabs on their child’s progress and understand learning goals. It’s a win-win.

Interested in learning more?

Listen to my conversation with Mara below, or head to braintrusttutors.com for more information.

This is not a sponsored post. BrainTrust excites me and I want to share their platform with teachers AND parents. Because when we can connect ourselves (certified teachers) with families who need us, we truly can change so many lives.

Visit BrainTrust here to sign up or learn more.




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