Tacky at Christmas ( Books Teachers Love )

You know that it’s December, but the days are running together so the day doesn’t seem so important anymore.

The kids. Well they’ve all lost their marbles… including you.

Are you still the teacher? Phew okay, check. #stilltheteacher

What’s on the lesson plan for today? Oh. my. word. Sentence diagrams?! In first grade?! No.

You miraculously remember that it’s the afternoon time. No no no. Must. Teach. Something. Else.

Tacky the Penguin Tacky's Christmas lesson ideas

A BOOK! You vaguely remember it’s one of those things you read. To the kids. The kids are your students. And you teach the students.

The book. It’s got the pictures. With the words. It’s perfect!


Now this book. This book is perfect to read to your students.

It’s about penguins. It’s silly. And the illustrations are on point. #winner

If you’ve mistakenly forgotten to add this book to your library, you can find the book here*:

Tacky at Christmas read aloud book companion lesson plan

Book companions are my best friend. I love using them to teach a plethora of different skills, and they’re no prep, print ready for substitute binders and emergency substitute plans.

>> Grab the Tacky at Christmas Book Companion Here. <<

After finishing this silly penguin story, identifying objects and characters from the story is the first skill to work on. It sets the tone for the next activity.

Tacky at Christmas read aloud book companion lesson plan Tacky at Christmas read aloud book companion lesson plan

Differentiating for our students with special needs is an ongoing process.  To help you, this activity already comes differentiated and print ready for learning and skill assessment, students practice sequential order and identifying important parts of the story.  

Tacky at Christmas read aloud book companion lesson plan

Even though sequencing is an important skill, story elements are a skill to focus on too.

By using this sorting pocket chart, an activity that is already differentiated, students can independently sort pictures and descriptors to describe each key story element from Tacky’s Christmas.

It can easily be a stand-alone literacy center that students cut and sort or Velcro to answer.

Tacky at Christmas read aloud book companion lesson plan and activity set

To keep parents involved in what their child is learning at school, the last activity is this fun, Tacky baggie.

Students will color in the baggie cover and the cards. Before the Tacky baggie gets put in a backpack, students put the cards in sequential order and can write the event number on the back.

Parents appreciate the numbers on the back because it helps start and continue a home conversation about what the child learned today at school and about the book.

{ Grab the Book Companion }

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