15 Kid-Approved Children’s Books for Summer

Students may lose a lot of progress over the summer months, but reading is one way to lessen the potential decline. I encourage my students to read every day, join the summer reading program through the local library, and I like to provide them with books that pique their interest!

Here is my curated list of summer books for students to read, whether it’s during ESY or summer school or reading for fun.

15 summer books for special education classes


This summer book list is full of both fiction and nonfiction, silly and serious titles. They are picked for kindergarten through 3rd-grade students – but truly, picture books can be used with students of any age!

Books About Summer

  • And Then Comes Summer is a cute story about all the wonderful things you get to do in the summer. There is something special about summertime and this book does a wonderful job at putting those feelings together and making us picture a warm summer night!
  • Goldfish on Vacation is about some children’s goldfish that get to become part of a special event in New York City. The city is cleaning out the old fountain and they want goldfish to come vacation there! The children are so excited for this fun event.
  • Summer Days and Nights is a wonderful book for younger children to read about a little girl’s adventures during the summer. I like it because it gives simple ideas that anyone could do while on summer break.
  • The Wonders of Summer is another great story to share the great aspects of summer! Join a little girl and her dad as they enjoy the summertime and have many adventures.
  • One Hot Summer Day is a great read-aloud to share with children to explore the sensory items of summer. Chalk pictures, sprinklers, popsicles, and so much more!
15 summer books for special education classes

5 Books to Read This Summer

  • The Watermelon Seed is a book about being afraid to eat the watermelon seeds. The crocodile is scared that if he swallows a seed the vines will come out of his ears and his belly will grow and grow! Kids will love this silly story!
  • Watermelon Madness is about a little girl that wants to eat nothing but watermelon! She wants it for every meal until one night the watermelon she has hiding in her room begins to sprout! Strange things happen that evening to change her mind!
  • One Watermelon Seed is counting book for young children. Practice counting to ten in the characters’ garden and then counting by tens for some added difficulty.
  • Watermelon Party is a based off a true event that happened at an animal refuge. The owner put out a watermelon for the animals and they all came together to eat and enjoy its yumminess!
  • This Watermelon Is Not Round is a great book to read about accepting other’s differences and not bullying people.
15 summer books for special education classes

5 Summer Books About Swimming

  • Jabari Jumps is a great book for younger children to learn about overcoming a fear. Jabari wants to jump off the diving board, but it is so high! His dad is so patient and encouraging and Jabari overcomes his fear!
  • Lottie & Walter is sweet story about a little girl that goes to swimming lessons every Saturday but never gets in. Then Walter comes along, and things may change!
  • Ready, Set, Swim! is a great beginning reader for kindergarten and first grade students. It is about sibling rivalry and learning to work together.
  • Michael Phelps is a nonfiction title that shares information about the gold medalist swimmer. Learn about how he trained, competed, and retired from the Olympics.
  • Swimming with Faith is another nonfiction title about Missy Franklin. She is an Olympic gold medalist and shares a great story about training hard and believing in yourself.
15 summer books for special education classes

Do you have any great summer books that you read in your classroom or at home? Please drop a comment below with the titles for me!

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