Spring Lesson Plans, Crafts, and More!

This year, we’re welcoming Spring with our arms wide open. While I’m in Florida where it’s warm year-round, I can imagine that many of you are happy to see the warmer weather (and the playground) again!

While outdoor recess is exciting, so are the learning possibilities with Spring lesson plans for elementary classrooms.

Here are my favorite crafts, recipes, and science experiments that will help you welcome the warmer weather into your classroom.

Spring Crafts for Kids

Crafts aren’t just for younger students, and there are so many ways to tie them into your Spring lesson plans. They are essential across classrooms of all levels because they promote creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and fine motor skills. And let’s face it- the kids often love them!

photo credit: www.whereimaginationgrows.com

This Pony Bead Butterfly Craft will have students work their finger muscles and hand-eye coordination. This colorful craft makes the perfect lesson extension to any of the butterfly life cycle activities here. Then, show off their beautiful work by hanging the butterflies around the classroom.

Teach students about symmetry with this Butterfly Painting Craft. First, provide them with a multitude of painting tools to explore. For example, Q-Tips and small rollers make great paintbrushes. Then, watch the magic happen when they fold their creations to reveal a perfectly symmetrical butterfly.

I have fond memories of elementary art and the excitement when my teacher would bring out the pastels. Get your students excited with this Pastel Butterfly Art Project. The pastels will create a tie-dye effect that the students will love! Be sure to model how to use pastels in a swiping motion since they won’t get the same look if they hold it like a regular crayon or marker.


This multi-sensory art activity is so much fun to do! With air-dry clay and colored noodles, students will get to create a unique springtime garden. You can get the full tutorial from our friends at 123 Homeschool 4 Me here.

Bring nature into the classroom with this Flower Decorating Activity. First, bring students outside to collect the newly blooming flowers. Next, students can use them to fill a vase drawn on cardboard. If flowers are blooming near you in April, this makes the perfect Earth Day activity because it focuses on reusing waste (the cardboard) AND celebrates the beauty of the earth!

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Spring Science for Kids

Bring color mixing to life with this Rainbow Rain Science Experiment. This activity invites students to mix different shades in a simulation that makes it look as if it’s raining. This attention-grabbing activity can be done individually or in a small group. Of course, everyone will want a turn to drop the colors in!

Want to watch Spring magic unfold? With this Magic Blooming Flower STEM Activity from The Stem Laboratory, you can! Students will work fervently to cut out paper flowers and then watch them bloom with a bit of water fun.

Check out the chlorophyll painting from www.aroundthekampfire.com

If you’re teaching about plants, make sure to leave room in your plans for this Chlorophyll Painting Activity. Note: It’s a simple art and science lesson all in one, a.k.a the best type of activity! Students will use live plants to create green paintings with chlorophyll. Learn more about the painting process here.

If you want to dive into the wild world of plants, try creating a Seed Germination Jar. This is an easy way for students to observe the cycle of a seed through firsthand experience. Then, to take it a step further, have students journal their observations.

Kids will be amazed by this Disapearing Eggshell Activity. If you’re teaching your students about the life cycle of a chick, it’s the perfect opportunity to whip this out. First, you’ll explain that you’re going to put an egg into vinegar and let it sit there for several hours. Then, students can make predictions about what’s going to happen, and they will be stunned when they see the results!

Spring Visual Recipes for Kids

Bring cooking into your Spring lesson plans with Visual Recipes to make life skill practice fun. And since we’re such big Visual Recipe supporters, we have several different downloadable resources for you because we so badly want to share the excitement with you and your students! Watch the video below to see how to use Visual Recipes in your classroom.

If you haven’t used them before or are looking for a thematic recipe for March, grab our FREE Visual Recipe for Leprechaun Juice and Lucky Marshmallow Squares. If you love what you get with this free download, chances are you’ll also adore our other Spring-themed packs.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the March Visual Recipes. This download features recipes across various food groups, from veggies to chocolate-covered Oreos. Yum! If you’re planning a green party, these snacks will make the perfect addition to it.

Our April Visual Recipes are D-licious and include Banana Cookies, Caramel Bark, Caramel Chips, Banana Bites, and Energy Bites.

Suppose you want to keep the visual recipes rolling all Spring long. If that’s the case (and we hope it is!), our May Visual Recipe pack will tickle the tastebuds with Pizza Bagels, Strawberry Sherbet, Snack Mixes, Veggiewiches, Spider Crackers.

All of the Visual Recipes include recipe cards, sequencing mats and cards, comprehension questions, and so much more! PLUS they’re available to download or use digitally.

What themes do you focus on in the Spring? Tell us in the comments!




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