Spring Books for Special Education Classrooms

Spring is the season of new growth and here is my list of Spring books that you can read in your special education classroom. Get ready to watch your students bloom and flourish during this season of the school year.

books about spring, plants, and new life


There are books about seasons, new spring growth, and so much more! These books are for kindergarten through 3rd-grade, and I have also included fiction and nonfiction titles for use in your classroom.

Most would make great read-aloud books, but some lend themselves to independent reading or for educational projects. I love reading books with my students that are enjoyable and bring laughter to the classroom.

Spring Books for Special Education Classrooms

  • Everything Spring is a nonfiction book that features amazing real-life photographs and shares about the changes that happen in the spring.
  • Spring is Here is a cute story about Mole and Bear. Mole can tell that spring is coming but Bear is still sleeping. Mole tries many things to wake Bear, but he is sound asleep.
  • Worm Weather is a story that your students will love! It talks about rainy day fun, and the little critters that come out in the rain.
  • Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt is a story that shows children what is happening above the ground and below it. There are a lot of crucial critters that live below the ground that help our plants grow and our gardens be successful!
  • I am Spring is a nonfiction book that takes children through the changes that happen in the spring. It also has nonfiction photos to share with children/
books about spring, plants, and new life

5 Spring Books

  • Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring is a wonderful book to share about the changes that will occur when spring arrives.
  • When Spring Comes is a book that shares about spring through imagery, repetition, and alliteration. It is a great book to read if you are teaching about these concepts or just to share with students about spring.
  • A Walk Through the Woods is a book about taking a walk through the woods and enjoying the animals and the peacefulness. As night approaches, the animals go to bed and wait for morning and spring to come.
  • The Great Garden Escape is a tale about some fruit that end up in the vegetable garden. They need to find their way home but are having some trouble. It features rhymes and clues to encourage students to stay engaged and make guesses.
  • Grow: How We Get Food From Our Garden is an informational book to share with children where their food comes from and how it grows. This is such an important thing to teach children!
books about spring, plants, and new life

5 Books about Plant Life Cycles

  • From Seed to Plant is a good book to read to teach children about the life cycle of a plant. I love reading about the life cycles of plants and then planting some seeds in the classroom.
  • A Seed is Sleepy is a good book to share with children about a varying range of seeds and plants.
  • The Amazing Life Cycle of Plants is a book about how plants grow. Follow a seed to sapling then to plant; it shows great pictures and is a great nonfiction choice.
  • Seed to Plant is a great nonfiction option that shares with children about how plants grow. They can see different plants and trees life cycle changes.
  • Plants is another National Geographics book that shares tons of information in a kid-friendly format. I love the real-life photographs that are bright and captivating.
books about spring, plants, and new life

More Spring Books

  • Spring Cleaning is a book about all the chores a family must do once spring arrives. Share with the children the importance of taking care of their communities and homes.
  • The Spring Book is a great book to share about the changes that students may see when spring arrives. The birds come back and start singing and so many other great changes occur.
  • And Then It’s Spring is about a boy that wants to plant a garden. He is tired of winter and has decided he will dig in the dirt and plant some seeds. See how his garden turns out when you read the story.
  • Animals in Spring is a nonfiction option to share with children about the changes that spring brings for animals.
  • In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb is a fun book to read about this old wives’ tale. Chart your weather and decide how March comes and goes in your area.
books about spring, plants, and new life

Do you have any great spring books that you read in your classroom? Please drop a comment below with the titles for me!


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