22 Saint Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

Simple, hands on craft that all kids will love for Saint Patrick’s Day.

22 Saint Patrick's Day Crafts for kids that are easy, simple, fun and inexpensive. Blog post at Mrs. D's Corner.

Shamrock symbolism gets students talking all about luck, love, hope and faith with this print and go classroom craft.

Just a few supplies, like construction paper and a stapler, to create this cute rainbow heart clovers craft!

Using food in an unconventional way always sparks interest with the kids. This silly marshmallow paint craft is sure to be a hit.

Fun Food Friday just got an upgrade… use these free visual recipes to make food into works of art. Your students will love the Leprechaun Juice!

Who doesn’t love a fun paper mask craft? Kids can easily make this leprechaun mask craft then have hours of fun pretending to be a leprechaun!

Suncatchers are so much fun, and make for great window decorations. With a beautiful touch of spring colors these rainbow shamrock suncatchers will not just be fun to make, but also keep those kiddos entertained for hours!

Looking for something that is all about the fine motor practicE? Hand print pot of gold craft is not only yummy to make, but also super easy.

Who doesn’t love wands? This adorable cloud and rainbow wand will not only be a fun craft to pull together, but one that keeps on giving. Add them to your dramatic play center after the holiday for endless fun.

These rainbow twirlers are colorful, crafty, and so much fun! You and your kids are sure to love making these end of the rainbow twirlers!

Adorable leprechaun hats made from just a few craft supplies, like popsicle sticks, construction paper and a little bit of glue. Little ones of all ages will have fun making these, just put the supplies in a center and let your students go at it!

This puffy paint shamrock is super fun, just mix shaving cream and glue together. Use a paintbrush to paint the shamrock. Instant fun!

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Paper plate crafts are the best. This one is fun, colorful, and super simple to make! Add some rice or beans inside the plate, aka “the cloud”, to give it that auditory, sensory touch.

This 3D rainbow is creative, fun and easy craft for kids to make. Just grab some tape and construction paper!

Rainbow treasure slime is a sensory fun packed craft filled with lots of hidden treasures. Put it in a sensory box or bin and you’re good to go!

Go searching for the infamous classroom leprechaun with these easy to make shamrock binoculars.

Your littles will have a blast going on a treasure hunt with this shaving cream sensory play! Let’s be honest… our students LOVE playing in shaving cream.

This Crepe Paper Shamrock is a super fun craft that all kids will enjoy.

Fingerpainting + pot o’ gold = simple, sensory fun! Try out this fingerprint rainbow with your students today!

This leprechaun hat craft is sure to be a hit with the kid! Super fun and easy to make too!

The kiddos and everyone involved will love this sweet crafty rainbow treat. Add this to your Fun Food Friday lesson plans the week of Saint Patrick’s Day.

This shamrock man craft is so stinkin’ cute! All you need is glue and construction paper… then use them to create a bulletin board display.

Your students will have a blast wearing this crafted rainbow crowns! Easy to personalize, making every child a king or queen of the holiday.

What is your favorite craft to make with your students for the holiday?

 22 Saint Patrick's Day Crafts for kids that are easy, simple, fun and inexpensive. Blog post at Mrs. D's Corner.




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