Why Use Sorting Mats in the Special Ed Classroom

As teachers we know that kids love hands-on activities.

Sorting mats? They provide our students with the manipulatives they love while helping them learn.

Using Sorting Mats in the Special Ed Classroom

If you have not tried using sorting mats in the special ed classroom, here are 5 reasons why you should!

5 Reasons to Use Sorting Mats in the Special Ed Classroom

1 – Sorting Mats Offer Hands-on Fun

There is just something about being able to work with their hands that helps kids learn. Kinesthetic learners especially enjoy manipulating pieces to arrive at an answer or get a hand, literally, in learning.

Sorting mats, by their very design, give students a chance to move and sort pieces so that they learn and retain information better and longer.

2 – Cover a Variety of Topics with Sorting Mats

Instead of reinventing the wheel for each subject or topic that you’re teaching, sorting mats allow you to transfer the concept to the same activity that your students know and love.

Sorting mats can and do cover everything from emotions to types of tools to colors.

3 – Have Less Prep Time

Sorting mats are one of those terrific activities that you can create once and use for years to come. You don’t have to worry about the information changing or the activity losing favor in the teaching community.

They are timeless treasures and your collection can expand slowly or quickly depending on your needs.

4 – Easy to Store

Sorting mats are some of the easiest activities to store. Place them in plastic zippered bags, in small containers, or in pencil pouches. Since they are small in size, they can easily be stored in even the smallest of classrooms!

Pro Tip: Use an accordion file folder to sort and store your sorting mats after placing them in zippered pouches!

5 – Great for Intervention, Early Finishers, Lessons, and More

One of the common misconceptions is that sorting mats are to be used during one specific time whether that be group work or individual centers. In fact, they can be used whenever your students need an activity!

Have early finishers? Sorting mats can be used to reinforce skills. Need an intervention activity? Try a sorting mat activity for the skill being addressed. The possibilities are endless!

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What Others Are Saying About Sorting Mats

“These sorting mats are wonderful. I really like how the pictures vary so we can engage in a discussion about what we see. Another awesome resource. Thank you!”

“The visuals and the simplicity make this a perfect go-to activity for independent practice in my classroom!”

“This was a quick and easy minimal prep activity I could send home for my students to do with their parents.”

“Vowels and vowel patterns are so difficult to teach. This resource is so helpful! My kiddos love it.”

“Thanks for this! It is a really great folder game that helps with checking for understanding, reviewing, and some of my students IEP’S.”

Add sorting mats to your classroom activities and watch your students learn and retain the information you’re teaching!

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