Songs Teachers Love to Use During Morning Meeting

Adding songs to morning meeting can be a great way to set the tone for the day and capture your students’ attention. If you need some new favorites to add to your playlist, check out our favorite songs for morning meeting!

The Best Songs for Morning Meeting

Music for Morning Meeting

Students love music, and anytime I get a chance to incorporate it into lessons, I do. Morning meeting is one of those times when music can generate excitement, prepare students for the day ahead, and set the mood in the classroom. Playing the right songs at the right time is key!

Over the years, I have gathered up my favorite songs for morning meeting, but I know that many teachers have their own favorites as well. So, I asked veteran teachers what their favorite morning meeting songs are and created the ultimate morning meeting song playlist below.

It is filled with songs that teach, uplift, and support students at the beginning of the day. Let’s face it, sometimes morning meeting is really challenging for our students because it is such a huge transition in their day and their expected behavior.

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I have learned that music is often the key to supporting all of my students and helps me get in the mood to teach as well. Take a listen to the songs below and add those that speak to you to your morning meeting playlist. Then watch how a little music can go a long way in creating a positive and productive school day!

The Ultimate List of Morning Meeting Songs

“When I Woke Up Today” by The Laurie Berkner Band

This uplifting Laurie Berkner song will have you and your students la-la-la-ing along with it in no time.

“Good Morning Song for Kids” by The Singing Walrus

One of the great things about this song is that the YouTube version has the words on the screen as they’re being sung. The teacher-student echoing is also a fun way to sing it!

“Oh Hey Oh Hi Hello” by Jim Gill

This fun and welcoming song is a great alternative to the higher-pitched good morning songs typically sung in morning meetings. It’s a lot of fun to sing with your kids!

“Hello Song” by Lingokids

If you need a song that’s a bit more low-key but equally as fun to sing, the 1-minute Hello Song is a great choice!

“Hello Hello!” by Super Simple Songs

This song has a movement component to it, so if you’re looking for a song that lets students clap and stomp, this is a fun option.

“Good Morning Song” by The Kiboomers

This fun and catchy tune has parts for the teacher and students. It has a sweet tune that will make even your unenthusiastic student smile.

“Good Morning Song for Children” by Matt at Dream English Kids

This easy to learn song has a fun movement component to it that makes it a great way to wake up your students’ bodies and minds.

“It’s a Happy Day” by The Super Fun Show

From clapping high to the one finger dance, this fun song will turn any dreary day into a happy one!

No matter which morning meeting song you play, preview it first and make sure it is appropriate for your students.

Some songs may involve too much movement or have a tempo that is a bit too fast for some students. Make sure you set them up for success from the very first note!




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