How to Use the Science and Social Studies Adapted Work Binder

Working science and social studies into your lessons can be a challenge when there’s so much else you have to cover. I found that if I didn’t have a designated set of activities readily available, I often missed adding those subjects in each week. The need to have resources for my students led me to create the Science and Social Studies Adapted Work Binder.

Science and Social Studies Adapted Work Binder

Since I first created the binder it has been used consistently across classrooms throughout the US to help teachers easily work in science and social studies. If you’re looking for a special ed resource that can make your life and lessons easier, check it out!

Topics Included in the Science and Social Studies Adapted Work Binder

Having standards-aligned resources on hand makes teaching easier. The Science and Social Studies Adapted Work Binder includes resources for K-3 that are aligned to the standards.

The topics included in the binder consist of the following.

Science Topics

  • Investigating lab tools
  • Weather and seasons, Extreme Weather
  • Wants and needs
  • Light and sound
  • Plants and animals
  • Offspring
  • Parts of animals / humans / plants
  • Body parts / Human Body Organs
  • 5 senses
  • Planets / Phases of the moon
  • Habitats / Ecosystems / Biomes / Landforms
  • Earth’s Surface (sand, soil, rocks, water), Water life cycle
  • Time / Chronological Order
  • Plant / Animal life cycles (Frog, Plant, Rock, Apple, Water life cycle)
  • Animal groups
  • Sort and classify
  • Fossils
  • Push and Pull / Forces of Motion
  • Making observations

Social Studies Topics

  • Family tree
  • Good citizens and roles of citizens
  • Geographic tools and maps
  • Parts of a map / labeling a map
  • Cardinal directions
  • Locating places on a map
  • Positional words
  • Community helpers
  • Goods and services, economics
  • Producers and consumers
  • Supply and demand
  • Trade and barter
  • Past / Present
  • Positive / Negative transformations
  • Chronological thinking
  • 3 levels of Government
  • Government leaders
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Types of Activities Included

The Science and Social Studies Adapted Work Binder includes activities that:

  • require students to match
  • require students to identify objects/ideas/vocabulary
  • ask students to label items
  • have students trace
  • have students write

The variety of activities makes it easy to differentiate for your students and gives them room to progress while still working on the same types of activities.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Adapted Work Binder

Do you have to laminate the pieces?

You don’t have to, but if you want to use the book multiple times it’s highly recommended. In fact, we can’t imagine using it not laminated.

What type of hook and loop closures do you recommend?

We like using the dot hook and loop closures because they’re easy to put on, but you could cut strips of hook and loop closures and use them just as easily.

Can I use this with multiple students throughout the day?

Absolutely! We highly recommend using the binder for as many of your students as you need to! You can use the same binder or create separate ones for each child.

Do you have a video that shows what the binder looks life when it’s assembled?

Absolutely! You can watch it below:

What Teachers Are Saying About the Science and Social Studies Adapted Work Binder

“This product is really great! As with all of Mrs. D’s Corner products that I’ve purchased – it’s a really high-quality product, easy to understand, easy to use. I use this product in a Setting III EBD/SLD classroom for K-1-2. It works great for students to practice skills and/or explore independently while I’m working with another student. The kids really dig these AWBs.”

“This product helps me meet their needs, covers the standards I need to meet, keeps students interacting in the lesson, and yet again I am always complimented on them from both administration and my SPED director! I am so happy to use these in my classroom!”

“These were the perfect compliment to my units for my kiddos that require a more hands-on approach to demonstrate what they know. I highly recommend these!! Thank you!”

“This resource has been fantastic with my diverse range of learners in my disability unit in science class! Excellent resource to match explicit teaching of content.”

“Awesome! This resource allowed a student of mine to access the curriculum with his Gen Ed peers. You could tell he was so happy.”

“This resource is a great addition to what I am currently using for my students. They are able to do some parts independently which is great. Thanks for making this.”

“This is a wonderful resource to help my students make connections with science and social studies topics that can be difficult to understand. Thank you.”

“This bundle has been amazing!! My students have been engaged and love learning about the different types of weather patterns. I love the hands-on activities that keep them interested in their learning. Thank you so much for sharing!”

“I found this resource to be very helpful with teaching the standards to my students with Autism. Easy to use and get the students engaged.”

Get Your Copy of the Science and Social Studies Adapted Work Binder

You can get your downloadable, ready-to-print and assemble copy of the Science and Social Studies Adapted Work Binder in my Teachers Pay Teachers store or in the Mrs. D’s Corner Shop on my site!

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How do you integrate science and social studies in the special ed classroom? Share with us below!




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