10 Resources to Streamline Your Data Collection

Does collecting data have you overwhelmed and exhausted?

You’re not alone!

Data collection can be one of the most time-consuming parts of being a special ed teacher! Thankfully, the 10 resources below help streamline data collection and save you a ton of time!

Resources to Streamline Data Collection

Resources to Make Data Collection Easier

When you have a full caseload of students, it can feel like you are constantly buried in paperwork and projects.

Having resources to make data collection easier is a must! The 10 below have been teacher-tested to ensure that they’ll save you time and help alleviate the overwhelm.

1 – Editable Data Sheets

From specific skills to general forms, the Endless Bundle of Data Sheets for Special Ed includes over 130 completely editable data sheets. That means you can use them for all of your students and don’t have to recreate the wheel to find a data sheet you need!

What Others Say About It:

This resource really allows me to focus on the actual teaching of goals and objectives without spending time looking for data collection templates. There is a template for everything.

2 – Digital Data Forms

When you’re collecting data on the go – or virtually! – digital data forms are a must-have. This collection of Digital Data Forms for Special Education contains over 140 digital Google Forms to make collecting data a breeze!

What Others Say About It:

“This has helped me figure out how to remove paper progress reports off of my desk. I have everything ready and can move quickly. I also love the fact that I don’t have to figure out the scores. Google Forms does it for me. It makes writing progress reports 100% better.”

3 – Digital Caseload Binder

Managing your caseload of students is not always easy! The Digital IEP Caseload Binder changes that. With all of the information at your fingertips, you will be able to easily manage your students’ IEPs and workload.

What Others Say About It:

“Love that I can now have my caseload binder at home and at school without having to carry a bulky binder around! Easy to use and so convenient!

4 – Inclusion Documentation Forms

Stop trying to reinvent special education forms! The Editable Inclusion Documentation Forms give you the ability to document all of the inclusive services your students receive. Edit the forms to fit each child’s needs!

What Others Say About It:

“This was an easy-to-change document that I am able to use with my students when they enter the classroom. It has taken less time to use this and not create my own.

5 – Data Rings for Progress Monitoring

If you haven’t used Data Rings for progress monitoring yet, be prepared to save a ton of time! These free Progressing Monitoring for IEPs and RTI | Data Rings for Special Education make it a breeze.

What Others Say About It:

“Thank you, Thank you. I have been racking my brain for a way to simplify RTI and PM. Thank you for creating this. It will be such a timesaver. When you have a caseload of over 30 students, every minute counts when it comes to paperwork.

6 – Behavior Forms

While it’s important to collect data on all things academic-related, data collection for behavior is also a large part of many special education teachers’ reality. The Functional Behavior Assessment + Behavior Data Forms are editable, printable, and digital, so you can use them no matter how or where you are teaching.

What Others Say About It:

“This has been great for tracking behavior!”

7 – Collaboration Forms

Collaborating with other teachers is part of the special ed teacher’s job, but keeping track of what’s happening where and when can be tricky! The Editable Collaboration Form makes it easy to collaborate and make sure everyone is on the same page.

What Others Say About It:

“An EXCELLENT documentation form for during meetings (formal and informal) for my caseload students. I love the digital version as well so I can share notes with the whole team while we meet!

8 – Data Sheets for ELA

Collecting data for ELA, reading, writing, and spelling is a lot to keep track of – especially with a large caseload! The ELA, Reading, Writing + Spelling Data Forms | Editable Data Sheets make it easier by organizing the data you need to track and giving you space to fill in the results you’re seeing – all without having to create something from scratch!

What Others Say About It:

“This will make keeping up with all the data with my kinders so much easier, especially when they transition from virtual to person.

9 – Transition Data Forms

Collecting data and having accurate transition documentation is an important part of IEPs as students get older. These editable Transition Data Forms make it a breeze to get the information you need.

What Others Say About It:

“This is a great resource and has helped greatly with a new push in model that came with [distance] learning.

10 – Math Data Forms

Easily track your students’ progress with math goals using the editable Mathematics Data Forms. They let you quickly record data and keep everything all in one place!

What Others Say About It:

“I love the fact that there is an editable piece, as well as an online piece.”

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Collecting data doesn’t have to be difficult. The resources above make it easy to collect, organize, and share each students’ progress.




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