Autumn Unit: Literacy, Math, Art, and Science Activities for Fall



Are you looking for engaging printables and activities for fall? This autumn thematic unit is exactly what you need for your fall lesson planning. Included are literacy, math, science, and art resources all about fall.

What is included?

  • Vocabulary Cards P. 3-20
  • Information Reader P. 21-35
  • Information Posters P. 36-41
  • Book Recommendations P. 42
  • Graphic Organizers P. 43-59
  • Acorn Booklet P. 60-62
  • Autumn Acrostic P. 63
  • Fall Facts Games P.64-68
  • Graphing P.69-71
  • Art Activities P.72-74
  • Science Activities P.75-78
  • Math Activities P.79-84
  • Math Puzzles P.85-95
  • 5 Senses of Fall P.96-102
  • Sight Word Reader P.103-108

Also included:

  • Sample lesson plan


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