Podcasts for Special Ed Teachers

Have a long commute to work? Need something to get your day going or inspire you? Try listening to a podcast!

Podcasts are a great way to get in a little personal and professional development without the heavy lifting of having to attend a class or sign-up for a webinar.

They are free (for the most part!) and range in topic from everything from financial strategies to teaching tips to serial stories for kids. If you are searching for just the right podcast to entertain you, try one (or more!) of the teacher-recommended podcasts below.

Podcasts for Teachers

That Special Educator

Find it here.

That Special Educator is a podcast that discusses Special Education specific tips, interviewing teachers, and more, and is also parent and educator friendly.

The Lucky Few

Find it here: https://www.theluckyfewpodcast.com/

They’re shifting the narrative by shouting the worth of people with Down syndrome.

The Autism Helper

Find it here: https://theautismhelper.com/category/podcasts/

With over 70 podcast episodes to choose from, The Autism Helper Podcast by Sasha Long explores how to help those with autism. From IEP tips and tricks to ways to collaborate with parents, there is an episode to help you navigate autism in the classroom.

Truth for Teachers

Find it here: https://thecornerstoneforteachers.com/truth-for-teachers-podcast/

Angela Watson shares truth, wisdom, and inspiration for teachers in these education-related podcasts.

Educational Duct Tape

Find it here: https://jakemiller.net/eduducttape/

Love ed tech? Jake Miller’s Educational Duct Tape podcast focuses on how educational technology can improve your teaching and your students’ learning.

The Science of Reading

Find it here: https://amplify.com/science-of-reading-the-podcast/

The Science of Reading podcast is designed for educators and focuses on a current early reading topic.

Teacher Needs a Drink

Find it here: https://teacherneedsadrinkpodcast.com/

A not safe for work podcast for educators, each episode highlights the trials and tribulations of teaching in today’s current climate. There is adult language, so if that offends you, you may want to pass.

The Brian Mendler Show

Find it here: https://www.brianmendler.com/podcast-blog/

With a focus on building relationships and changing lives, Brian Mendler’s podcast is geared toward teachers who want to reach all of the students in their classroom.

Education Rockstars

Find it here: https://educationrockstars.buzzsprout.com/

Fully embracing the idea that teaching is not for the faint of heart, the Education Rockstars podcast is dedicated to inspiring and lifting up teachers in their daily lives – in and out of the classroom.

Build Math Minds

Find it here: https://buildmathminds.com/podcast/

Think outside the box when it comes to math instruction and embrace a new way of teaching. This math-centered podcast focuses on ways to make math relatable and provide engaging student-focused lessons.

6 Minutes

Find it here: https://app.kidslisten.org/pod/Six-Minutes

While designed with kids in mind, this serial podcast tells the story of a girl who is not quite sure who she is or why she can’t remember much about her life. It’s great for use in the classroom, but also entertaining enough for the commute home!

5 Moore Minutes

Find it here: https://fivemooreminutes.podbean.com/

Different aspects of special education and teaching are highlighted in this teacher-centered podcast.

Life Skills Radio

Find it here: https://blog.esc13.net/series/lifeskills-radio/

Explore life skills education with educators and experts in this podcast with Jennifer Russell from Region 13. There are only seven episodes so far, but teachers are giving them high marks.

Classroom Success 101

Find it here.

In these podcasts, Josh Ruse from The Hardcore Behaviorist talks about behavior intervention and classroom success. With practical suggestions for teachers, staff, and families, the episodes provide a wealth of information and resources.

From the Parent Perspective

Bringing Up Betty | True Tales of Special Needs Parenting

Find it here.

While aimed at an audience of parents raising children with special needs, Bringing Up Betty provides teachers with insight into life outside of school for those families whose children are in our care during the school day. It is an honest, vulnerable look at special needs parenting from those on the frontline.

LOMAH Special Needs Podcast

Find it here.

Dive deep into the world of special needs parenting with this podcast created by a mother of a teenage daughter with special needs. Everything from advocacy to financial planning to technology is discussed. As with Bringing Up Betty, the podcast is geared toward special needs children’s parents, but the information is valuable for educators as well.

Other Podcasts Teachers Love

Uber Neuros

Find it here: https://anchor.fm/uberneuro

Explore the lives of successful athletes, businessmen, and more as Uber Neuros introduces listeners to those who triumph despite – or because of! – their neurodiversity.

This American Life

Find it here: https://www.thisamericanlife.org/listen

Each week features a different theme that highlights the trials, triumphs, and lives of Americans.

The Moth

Find it here: https://themoth.org/

Storytelling comes to life in these podcasts designed to inspire creative conversation and human connections.

What are some of your favorite podcasts? Share them with us in the comments below. We would love to know which podcasts inspire you!




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