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The back to school train seems to be heading at full speed. I know I’ve been to Target and Staples more than once twice okay, three times already (please don’t tell my husband!) to get school supplies for my classroom.
pledge cents blog post header I only have 5 students on my roster so far (self-contained special ed), but I’m still spending money out of my own pocket on my classroom.
Anyone who isn’t a teacher probably thinks, “That’s the school’s job to supply you with classroom supplies!” but we all know how true that actually is.

That’s why I am so excited to be teaming up with Pledgecents today to tell you more about the company and why I think they’re better than those other “build a project – get donations” companies out there.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re probably thinking:
– “I already use ____ to get donations to buy things for my classroom.” OR
– “____ just doesn’t work for me, I couldn’t get anything funded!” OR
– “____ didn’t have the vendor I needed, so I gave up!”

All of those reasons are in the past because I am here to change your life. And, well, the lives of your students! 

pledgecents cofounders

(Pictured above –> CoFounders Andyshea Saberioon and Ricky Johnson) 

Pledgecents‘ mission is “to provide better education for children all over the
world. Specifically, PledgeCents is focused on providing an alternative
means of school fundraising that goes beyond the limitations of
conventional fundraising methods. PledgeCents is about investing in teachers and schools all over, the way that teachers and schools invest in developing the youth of tomorrow.

So what does that mean for you and your students?
It means that Pledgecents has made it easier than ever to build projects and to get donations from people to earn valuable supplies and experiences for your classroom. Yes, experiences too!

1. When you build a project with Pledgecents, there is no select vendor list. SAY WHAT! You read that right, no. vendor. list. That means you can literally build a project for anything that will directly and educationally impact your students or school. Want a classroom set of iPads – done. Want to take a field trip to a local zoo – done. Want to raise money to fund Fun Food Friday in your classroom – done! You are no longer restricted by a vendor list.

2. Even if you don’t raise all of the money to fund your project, you still get the money you raised at the end of your project term. Wait… what!? Yes, you STILL get the money. The only catch to this is that when you build your project, you have to have a Plan A Project and a Plan B Project. Plan A is what you’ll do with the money if you raise all of the funds. Plan B is what you’ll do with the money you raise if your project is not fully funded. Super simple!

3. There is no taxable income to the teacher. That’s you! With other project donation companies, they send YOU the money. Which means YOU pay taxes on it, which – honestly – isn’t fair. With Pledgecents, they send the funds directly to your school.

4. There is no point system to stop you from your total earning capacity. You want to build a project that would cost $2,500? Go for it. You don’t need to earn points to gain more access to your earning potential. Your potential is limitless with Pledgecents. 

  • So if you aren’t quite sold yet because you feel like you don’t have time for this and you already have a lot on your plate, I get it. I’m a teacher too and I completely understand how busy and hectic our days can be during the school year. But let me show you something!
When you build a project, this is what your page will look like once it’s approved and running:
With other websites and with grants, there is a super lengthy list of things you have to do after your project is funded to show that you’re using the money for what you said you would be using it for. You have send thank you cards and pictures to investors, along with a slue of other time consuming things. Not with Pledgecents.
You see in the picture above that “Updates” button and the “Comments” section in blue?! That’s where you post everything. Yeah, it’s THAT simple. Post updates as you use those iPads, or before and after you go to the Zoo, or every Friday after you’ve cooked in the classroom. As investors donate money to your project, send them quick emails or comment back to them saying “Thank you!” Spend seconds replying, not hours. The connection is right there in front of you and your vendors, and it’s simpler and easier than ever.
Another thing I want you to take notice of is the yellow “Matching” box on the right side. Another amazing thing about Pledgecents is that they offer opportunities for matching. So on top of them getting to keep the money raised (even if they don’t raise the full $4,500), Pledgecents is matching up to $450 raised to help them out. It really can’t get any better!
Is that it?
As if you thought that was all I had for you, Pledgecents has more in store for you… but you’ve got to wait a week!
So what do you think about Pledgecents? Do you think it is a company you would like to utilize to better your classroom and student experiences? What questions do you still have? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!
*This is a sponsored post, but all views within this post are honestly and truthfully my own.*


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