Different Names for Your Classroom Calm Down Area

What is your calm down area called? Early on in my career, I learned the importance of having a quiet area in the classroom where students could go and chill. It gave them a safe spot that allowed them to process their emotions and removed them from the main social area of the room.

Need a catchy name for the calm down area in your classroom? Check out these suggestions and select one that fits with your class theme!

While most teachers have a similar space in their classrooms, the name for these nooks tends to vary depending on what grade you teach and where your school is located. They range from the cute to the straightforward, but they all represent the same area.

If you are looking for a new name for your calm down area check out the alphabetical list of ideas below. There are plenty of variations to get you started!

You can read about how to start or implement a Calm Down Corner in your classroom in this blog post here.

What Can You Call Your Calm Down Area? 


Make sure students know they are still part of the class, but they are just a little bit separated from everyone else at the moment.


Alexander from Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day wanted to go to Australia to calm down so naming your calm down area after it gives your spot a literary twist.

Chill Out Room

If your nook is actually a whole room, embrace the space by honoring it with its room designation.

Chill Zone

Your sports-loving students will appreciate a quiet “zone” all their own.

Comfy Corner

Comfort, when your students are stressed out or handling big emotions, is what they need in this nook.

Cozy Corner

Filled with soft sensory items this area lives up to its name!

The Fortress of Solitude

Perfect for classrooms with superhero themes!

The Green Zone Machine

This special corner has the ability to turn “red” behavior into green!

The Hokey Pokey Clinic

It is really a place to turn yourself and your behavior around!

Llama Land

When you have a llama theme in your room, add a few stuffed llamas to your quiet corner for a special animal-centric space.


So students know it is not a punishment to go to the area, but more of an active decision to choose calm over frustration or anger.

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Peace Island/Corner

Peace and calm become your friends in this quiet space for one.

Recharge Zone

Even batteries need to be recharged so that they can work, so why not behavior? This area lets students reset their day.

Relaxation Station

A comfy sofa or cozy bench can make up this relaxing spot.

Rest and Return Area

Make sure your students know the quiet spot is not meant to be an all-day hang-out location. 

Rest Area

Use the music symbol for a rest to give the spot a musical flair.

Space Out

When combined with a space theme in the classroom, this calm-down area is a sure hit.

Zen Den

Imagine a cozy and quiet den of peace tucked into the corner of your classroom.

Zen Zone

Embrace inner peace and take some calming breaths in this quiet area.

Whatever you call the area make sure your students know that being in this safe, quiet space in the classroom is not a punishment. It is, instead, an area designed especially for them to relax and reset their day.

What do you call your calm down corner? Share with us below!




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