17 MORE Hacks That Actually Work in SPED

We have a lot to do as teachers and our time is limited.

We scour Pinterest and Facebook Groups, searching for the right tips and tricks… only to *most of the time* come up with nada. Or some sub-par something or other that is a waste of time.


17 more classroom hacks that actually work in a special needs classroom and will change your teacher life. Blog post at Mrs. D's Corner.This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. View the full disclosure policy here.

The first go ’round, I shared 17 hacks that actually work in SPED.

And now I have more incredible hacks for you… that will actually work in your special needs classroom.

Because we have little time as it is, your best bet is to implement something that you KNOW is going to work… and work the first time.

17 more classroom hacks that actually work in a special needs classroom and will change your teacher life. Blog post at Mrs. D's Corner.

Use ice cube trays as book bins.

Kayla at Meet Miss Parker uses ice cube trays in place of expensive book bins and flimsy cardboard magainze holders. She swears by them and says they work like a charm!

Use an iron and contact paper to help peeling lamination stick again.

You know how the lamination can start to peel, but you can’t send it back through the machine?

All you need to do is take an iron to it! I’ve seen her do it before… and WOW! #gamechanger

Color code and organize binders with clear pockets.

Those $3 dollar spot clear pockets come in handy for more than organizing bins and decorating desks. Brynn from Brynn’s Teacher Bag uses them to label folders and binders.

EASILY color code binders and folders that are all the same color. No more worrying about finding different colored binders and folders… use the adhesive pockets!

Grab the adhesive pockets here.

Use dried up markers as a work task or task work bin.
Stop throwing out old, dried-up markers and use them in a work bin / task bin. Super inexpensive, functional, and a great fine motor task for our friends.

Add vinyl to the back of a clipboard.

Little Lovely Leaders loved this idea so much from Two Teachers in Fifth. Cheap clipboards, combined with a $5 roll of vinyl… instant whiteboard!

Use magic erasers to keep the vinyl clean.

Use paper bracelets during the first week of school for reminders.

Lindsey gives each one of her students a lunch number bracelet the first week of school so they have a reminder when going through the lunch line.

You could totally use these for more than just the first week of school! Laminate and add velcro so the kids can use them each day.

She recommends taking a picture of the lunch keypad too, laminating and allowing students to practice punching in their lunch numbers.

Use paper sorters inside of cabinets for extra storage.

Caity is a pure genius with this hack, that every single person can surely use!

She used metal paper sorters and wire command hooks to hang them inside of her cabinets.

Clean scissors and other supplies.

At the end of every school year, Vera at The Tutu Teacher soaks and washes all of her classroom scissors to get them ready for the next school year.

With all the germies and liquids self-contained classrooms see, and this being such a functional skill, we could easily have our students help us clean the scissors like this each marking period!

Use containers and rods to create technology storage.

Kim at A Love of Teaching uses this technology hack in her classroom… using a Sterilite bin and a few dowel rods, instant tablet storage!

Use a paper towel holder as a velcro hack.

Jenn at TeachLoveAutism discovered a pretty nifty way to hold all of those Velcro rolls… use a paper towel holder and voila! No more unrolling velcro!

Add hook and loop to the laminate before cutting it out.
The easiest and quickest way I have found to Velcro laminated pieces is to laminate, add the dots, and then cut.

Serious #gamechanger. You’re welcome 🙂

Use cleaned out containers to help students get paint.

One of my favorite hacks from Nichole at  You Clever Monkey is using old soap pump bottles to dispense paint. But that’s not my most favorite part…

…the best part? The visual on the front. What a great way for students to practice colors and practice using multiple colors to make new colors!

Use easy art packs as velcro activities.

Melissa at Special Achievers uses Gabrielle’s simple art packs… except she laminates each piece and adds velcro. This makes a great center for students to follow directions!

Use clear pouches on the back of a clipboard to keep notes and other things.

Samantha from Mrs. Henry in First is super smart with this functional clipboard hack for teachers! Add a few clear pockets to the back and store the items you need most.

I really love this for the clipboards we take to Inclusion. I plan on keeping stickers, extra PECs, and some post it notes in the back.

Grab clipboards and clear pockets.

Velcro name tags onto student desks so you can easily switch desk arrangements.

Carrie at Adventures in Kinder laminates student name tags and adds Velcro to desks so she can easily change seating arrangements.

PLUS no picked at tape… hellooooo pet peeve!

Use extra clocks underneath your  classroom clock to let students know of important times throughout the school day.

Rachel at Tattooed Teacher Blog grabs cheap analog clocks and puts them on the times of important things during the school day… you know, specials, recess, lunch, and when it’s time to go home.

This is FABULOUS for helping students manage time… and is a great visual for students who want to know “how much longer until __?!”

Hack for storing anchor charts and keeping them in a center

THIS hack, ya’ll. For those of us who use anchor charts, but don’t keep all of them up all the time… Joe and Quyen from Top Floor Teachers say to take a picture of the anchor chart, and then keep the pictures in a binder.

Student can then reference the binder whenever needed!

What’s your favorite teaching / classroom hack?

Share it with me in the comments and you might be featured in the next blog post!




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