Little Bunny Foo Foo: The Real Story

Social stories are a staple in any special needs classroom.

And when we can bring in children’s literature that is not only humorous, but also relatable, it’s like pure gold.

Little Bunny Foo Foo: The Real Story
is the adorable story about Little Bunny Foo Foo that the Good Fairy didn’t tell. The little misunderstood bunny only wanted to bake and eat her cupcakes, but those pesky field mice kept stealing them.

I found the book at Target, but you can purchase the book on Amazon here.

Little Bunny Foo Foo (LBFF) is adorable…

…and the illustrations in this book are histerical!

Any child is going to laugh at the expressions on LBFF’s face, and the fact that the field mice are stealing cupcakes… stop it!

After reading the story, we first talk about emotions. Because the illustrations are so vibrant and relatable, we practice expressing our emotions.

The faces the students make is priceless. They have so much fun with this, and don’t even realize they’re learning (win win!).

Grab the free emotion cards here. }

The second activity is too much fun, is functional, and great for any classroom looking to implement or already implementing STEM / STEAM.

So in the story, the field mice are stealing Little Bunny Foo Foo’s cupcakes… and I don’t blame her. I wouldn’t want anyone stealing my cupcakes either. #ilikecupcakes

In this STEM / STEAM activity, your students are going to build a contraption to either (a) catch the field mice or (b) keep the cupcakes safe from the field mice.

Suggestions for supplies:

{ Grab the free mice and cupcake images here. }

To start, print either the mouse or the cupcake. Unfold a paperclip just a little to create a 90 degree angle, and tape one side to the back of the image. The allows the image to “stand” so students can build around it.

Cool, right?

As a special needs teacher, I love this activity for all of the fine motor fun we get to practice.

The kids have so much fun trying to trap the mice that they don’t even realize they are practicing and strengthening those ever important fine motor skills.

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